Dashboard Overview

LinkSquares Dashboard is the first customizable, in-app business intelligence tool for your contracts, bringing a new level of transparency and clarity to all of the information within your contracts.

An in-app executive summary of your contracts

Dashboards provide an intuitive, real-time snapshot of the state of contracts in your business so that you have full visibility into what’s going on with your contracts. Now you have all the top line insights at your fingertips to help you identify key data points and provide visibility into your team’s work.

Highlight team productivity and uncover bottlenecks

Dashboards give you a transparent look into your team’s productivity and biggest bottlenecks. See who is creating the most agreements, how long it takes to finalize and approve them, and who takes the longest time to review and approve. Use this information to drive better, faster processes. Showcase all the agreements currently in process and all of the contracts you’ve already completed.

Key insights to drive business forward

With LinkSquares Dashboards, you get full visibility into key data within your contracts. Uncover insights such as: how many of your contracts contain Service Agreement Uptime Commitments or Force Majeure Exceptions, what is the number of renewals by quarter, which Governing Law is in your agreements, and more. Drill in deeper to see which datasets are being referenced.

Use Cases

Planning & Reporting

Surface key insights, contract health metrics and elevate your team’s visibility with transparent, intuitive reports. Share a high-level executive summary at board meetings, annual and quarterly review, and with your team.

Team Performance Management

Measure team productivity by tracking who creates the most contracts, what they look like, and how long they take to approve. See how many contracts are created from your templates versus third-party paper. Identify missing clauses and find new ways to improve team performance.

Deal Acceleration

Speed up your contract creation process by eliminating bottlenecks and identifying new opportunities for process improvement.

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