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Drive Efficiency and Ensure Accurate Data

Accelerate Your Sales Cycle with Salesforce + LinkSquares Finalize

With our LinkSquares Finalize application in Salesforce, a salesperson can initiate a new contract directly from a Salesforce record by simply submitting a few pieces of information. Many of these fields can be auto-filled with information from the Salesforce record, further accelerating the process and reducing the likelihood of errors. This information will then populate the relevant contract template and be sent directly to Legal, who can complete their review and approval process right in their native Finalize.

Once a contract is initiated, a new detail record for the agreement will be created in Salesforce to keep all contract information centralized and accessible. Any activity in either Salesforce or Finalize is tracked in both systems for immediate, universal visibility into the contract’s status. And a list of all ongoing agreements provides quick access from the Salesforce record.

Ensure Consistent, Comprehensive Data with Salesforce + LinkSquares Analyze

With our LinkSquares Analyze integration with Salesforce, you can sync agreements and enrich data in your CRM. Your legal team will no longer be reliant on manual data entry of contract data such as payment terms, auto-renewal dates, or cancellation terms. With our Salesforce integration, you can ensure that your data is complete, accurate, and best of all, taken care of automatically. 

As new agreements get added to Salesforce, they can seamlessly flow into LinkSquares where they can be analyzed, have key terms extracted for easy reporting, and then have the relevant data pushed back into Salesforce.

Pair Analyze with Salesforce for Full Control Over Your Data Sync


Automatically sync new and updated agreements from Salesforce to LinkSquares, including those from DocuSign or Adobe Sign.


Automatically sync your data from LinkSquares to a Salesforce custom field.


Easily drag and drop specific agreements in Salesforce for even more control over which documents get synced to LinkSquares.

Let us show you how our Salesforce integrations can speed-up your contracting and boost your data integrity.

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