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When it comes to in-house legal teams, LinkSquares offers the full spectrum of legal tech solutions. From simplifying and centralizing contract management to streamlining workflows – and doing it all in one place, there’s no other choice to move your business forward faster.

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Here’s some of what sets us apart...

…and why it might be time to sort out your legal tech: 

An AI-powered contract repository, backed by our dedication to data accuracy 

Our AI will scour your digitized contracts, extracting Smart Values (like dates and terms) to include in reports, dashboards, or events tracking. It’ll even automatically rename, type-classify, and tag contracts, keeping your repository nice and tidy.

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Powerful integrations that save time

We want to meet you where you are. That’s why we’ve integrated with the drafting tool of choice for in-house teams. With our Microsoft Word Add-in, you can search for the latest agreement version, edit and upload versions, and collaborate across teams with in-app chat — all without leaving Word. 

But that’s not all. With our Salesforce integration, sales can request and draft contracts and communicate with the legal team right from Salesforce. And with contract data synced between systems, legal and sales teams can get a complete view of auto-renewal dates, cancellation terms, and more. No wonder it was ranked a Top 50 Sales Product by software buyers on G2.

World-class onboarding, customer support, and partnership

What's most important to us? Your success. That's why LinkSquares provided industry-leading support at no additional cost to help all our customers achieve their goals, outranking competitors on G2 with a 9.9 out of 10 rating.

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We have a best-in-class onboarding team with no cap on hours, no incremental charges for things like additional training, and we're truly outcome-based, meaning we don't win unless you do!

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We offer a dedicated CSM for every customer, and technical support staff is there to assist with product-specific questions and more. For a deeper dive, LinkSquares Academy has hundred of articles on features and functionality.

Comparison Quotes


The UI and the way things are oriented can sometimes feel overwhelming to new users.”



“When issues or questions do come up I feel confident that I can reach out to support or my CSM, and [they] will quickly receive the assistance I need.”



Evisort has touted their AI capabilities to find similar clauses/language in contracts, but we haven’t had much success in this area.”



I like that the AI used by Linksquares will extract the auto renewal date and will send me reminders via email. This has saved me time from manually looking at the contracts.



I do not use this tool very frequently due to issues with its OCR.



The ability to upload/OCR all of our contracts for quick search/retrieval has greatly enhanced the efficiency of our in-house Legal Department.”


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