The M&A Playbook for Legal and Finance


Contracts are the lifeblood of any business – and they become even more important during due diligence in mergers and acquisitions.

M&A activities are business-changing events that play a vital role in the future of the company. Whether you’re the buyer or seller, it’s your team’s job to set the organization up for success during the transaction.

From this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to effectively identify risk
  • How to be a good leader during negotiations
  • Teams and tech to involve in the process, and more!


  • 00:46 Setting the Agenda
  • 02:41 Challenges in M&A Landscape
  • 03:59 Strategic Acquisitions and Market Outlook
  • 05:18 Expectations in M&A Transactions
  • 08:50 Navigating M&A Transactions
  • 12:09 Critical Considerations in M&A Playbook
  • 15:43 Early Show Stoppers and Team Selection
  • 17:24 Preparing for Productive Meetings
  • 18:57 Legal Considerations in M&A
  • 20:48 Involvement of Legal and Finance Teams
  • 23:06 Importance of People in Acquisitions
  • 30:23 Leveraging Technology for Organization
  • 33:34 Preparing for a Quick Sale
  • 37:24 The Tech Stack for Organization
  • 40:09 Efficiency in Business Operations
  • 43:27 Leadership and Organization
  • 50:06 Long-Term Impact of Market Trends on M&A

You can download the slide deck here.


Luigi TestaChief Financial Officer,
Hayley AltmanStrategic Advisor, Litera

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