Navigating Cybersecurity in Your Organization


As we navigate the remainder of 2023, the cybersecurity landscape for legal teams is proving to be complex and challenging due to the evolving nature of cyber threats and regulatory changes. 

In-house legal teams should focus on staying informed about these changes, investing in relevant technology, and developing robust strategies to manage cyber incidents effectively.

Watch our webinar to learn:

  • The new rules and regulations that will affect your team and business
  • The threats your organization may be facing
  • Key strategies to being a better business partner 
  • And more!

Gain expert insights and practical strategies for tackling your legal challenges in Q4 and beyond.

View the slides here.


7:57 - The Role of Legal Teams in Protecting Companies
15:37 - Creating a Cybersecurity Conscious Culture
19:05 - Emphasizing the Why of Cybersecurity
20:23 - Balancing Protection and Business Goals
25:15 - New Cybersecurity Rules by the SEC
32:14 - Importance of Data Security and DLP
35:12 - Using Technology for Cybersecurity
37:07 - Securing Information Access
38:29 - Additional Resources for Deeper Dive


Andy Lunsford Headshot
Andy LunsfordFounder & CEO, BreachRx
Robb McCune Headshot
Robb McCuneVP, IT & Security, LinkSquares

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