From Siloed to Successful: Mastering Your Legal Tech Rollout


Rolling out legal technology can be a major undertaking for any organization, but with the right approach and mindset, it can lead to significant benefits and improvements in efficiency and productivity while limiting disruptions.

Join us for an engaging webinar covering the benefits of implementing Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) technology and navigating the change management process with a real-life use case from Britt England, Commercial Attorney, Director at Flagship Facility Services.

From this webinar, you will: 

1. Learn the importance of change management in implementing new technology and overcoming common barriers to ensure a successful adoption.

2. Discover tips and best practices for rolling out new technology in your company and enlisting support from key stakeholders, including IT, legal, procurement, and finance.

3. Gain exclusive insights from Britt England, who will share her lessons learned and best practices.

Implementing new technology is no small feat, so make sure you have a change management strategy in place, including the proper resources and necessary stakeholders, to navigate the challenges of a roll-out to drive organizational change.

View the slides here.


Britt EnglandCommercial Attorney, Director, Flagship Facility Services
Patrick WonDirector of Services, LinkSquares

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