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Legal Ops: Laying the Foundation and Demonstrating Value Across the Organization

Legal ops’ primary responsibility is to make the legal department more efficient – and as a result, drive business forward. Whether it’s building relationships with stakeholders or building your brand, identifying problems or creating plans to solve them, it takes a lot of groundwork to raise an organization to its full potential.

Learn how to become a legal ops partner who brings maximum value in this session with Michelle Escobar, CEO & Co-Founder of Acme and VP of Legal Ops at Carbon Health; Hayley McNeill, Manager of Legal Operations at Zywave; and Luis Almaraz, Senior Paralegal/Legal Operations at CCC Intelligent Solutions.


Luis AlmarazLegal Ops Manager, CCC Intelligence Solutions, Inc.
Michelle EscobarVP, Legal Ops, Carbon Health
Hayley McNeill Headshot
Hayley McNeillManager, Legal Operations, Zywave

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