Legal Landscape: What to Expect in Q3 (and beyond)


Join LinkSquares and BreachRx as we uncover the latest trends for in-house teams. We discuss the rapidly-evolving world of AI, related court cases, and effective ways to manage incident reporting in the shifting regulatory landscape. We also delve into contract negotiation and how to promote contract management within your organization.

In this webinar, you'll learn about:

  • Strategies to navigate the automation landscape
  • How to expedite deals
  • Techniques to implement change effectively, and more!


  • 00:04 Introduction to the Legal Landscape
  • 01:14 Overview of Breach Rx and Link Squares
  • 03:01 Guidelines for Using Chat GPT and AI
  • 06:00 New SEC Guidelines for Reporting Cyber Incidents
  • 16:23 The Evolving Legal Landscape
  • 17:46 The Importance of Fair Use Arguments
  • 18:36 Setting Guardrails Without Limiting Creative Freedom
  • 22:47 Navigating the Gray Areas of AI Legal Rules
  • 25:39 Upcoming Privacy Laws to be Aware of
  • 33:05 Rapid Increase in Privacy Laws
  • 34:08 Material Cyber Incidents

Download the slide deck from the session here.


Jonathan Greenblatt headshot
Jonathan GreenblattVice President of Legal, LinkSquares
Andy Lunsford Headshot
Andy LunsfordFounder & CEO, BreachRx

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