Key Strategies for Growing and Enhancing Your Legal Career



The role of in-house legal teams has evolved and transformed as the legal landscape has shifted. This has led to an expectation that in-house counsel should be relied upon to be a strategic partner, helping drive and develop the organization's direction.

Throughout organizational changes and business growth, it's important to explore how you can grow within your role, increase your value to your organization, and align your legal expertise with your company's strategic goals.

This webinar is designed for both new and seasoned in-house lawyers (and legal ops professionals) looking to elevate their legal careers.


  • 00:06 Introductions
  • 12:22 The Importance of Mentorship
  • 21:08 Organic Mentorship Experiences
  • 23:44 The Evolution of In-House Legal Teams
  • 28:37 The Changing Role of General Counsel
  • 31:58 The Need for Cross-Departmental Collaboration
  • 34:19 Breaking Down Silos in Legal Practice
  • 37:44 Providing Opinions and Recommendations
  • 41:16 Advice for Lawyers Transitioning to In-House Counsel
  • 51:14 Networking and Career Growth for In-House Lawyers
  • 53:41 Personal and Professional Development
  • 55:04 Different Paths in Legal Career

Download the slide deck from the session here.


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Alex PraschmaSenior Corporate Counsel & Director of Safety, 3STEP Sports
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Ashley JonesCorporate Counsel, LinkSquares

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