How to Redline Effectively: Proactive Tips, Tricks, & Strategies


When you work with third-party contracts, there’s inevitably some back and forth during the negotiation process. Too often, congenial exchanges and productive edits can escalate into a full-on battle.

We’re here to help you avoid common redlining pitfalls and stay ahead of the contract negotiation game with some basic (and advanced) tips.

In this webinar, you'll learn about:

  • How to stay calm during a tough negotiation
  • Ways to navigate contract negotiation horror stories
  • Tabletop exercises for contract redlining comparisons, and more!


  • 00:11 Introduction
  • 03:26 The Evolution of Redlining Skills
  • 13:46 The Impact of Redlining on Communication
  • 35:00 Setting the Stage for Edits
  • 38:35 The Art of Negotiation
  • 39:46 Focusing on Conceptual Reasoning
  • 41:03 Proactive Communication and Turnaround Times
  • 42:51 Providing Feasibility and Status Updates
  • 46:08 Getting on a Call to Resolve Issues
  • 49:04 Empowering Legal Teams with Playbooks
  • 51:27 The Role of Technology in Redlining
  • 54:53 Dealing with Vendors and Negotiation Thresholds

Download the slide deck and additional materials here.


Ashlyn DonohueDirector of Legal, LinkSquares
Jonathan Greenblatt headshot
Jonathan GreenblattVice President of Legal, LinkSquares

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