How Zywave Uses LinkSquares

Customer Story

How Zywave Uses LinkSquares

Discover how Haley McNeill, Manager, Legal Operations at Zywave, leverages LinkSquares for enhanced team transparency, streamlined agreement tracking, and increased efficiency.

Key Takeaways: 

  • From tracking agreements to streamlining approvals, learn how using LinkSquares has enhanced workflows, offering transparency and efficiency to the Zywave team. 
  • Zywave says goodbye to hunting down email chains and hello to a seamless process for approvals and document management, saving valuable time.
  • LinkSquares ensures the Zywave team has easy access to the right documents without the hassle of searching through folders. 
  • The LinkSquares Microsoft Word integration simplifies document saving and enhances productivity.

Watch the video for more insights on how LinkSquares saves time and boosts productivity at Zywave!


Hayley McNeill Manager, Legal Operations, Zywave

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