How OutSystems Uses LinkSquares

Customer Story

How OutSystems Uses LinkSquares

Discover how LinkSquares revolutionizes legal work for OutSystems from Shawn Hoyt, Vice President of Commercial Legal. Learn how the platform streamlines workflows, enhances data insights, and positions the legal team as leaders regarding metrics, ROI, and innovation within the company. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Custom tags give the team the ability to isolate the issues they care about and report on them. 
  • With the Salesforce integration, the sales team gets to use LinkSquares in the system in which they do all the rest of their work.
  • LinkSquares’ customer support is a game-changer!  Watch the video to discover why Shawn has opted for LinkSquares at two different companies.


Shawn Hoyt Vice President of Commercial Legal, OutSystems

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