The Business Impact of Legal Operations: A Deep Dive into Efficiency


The primary objective of legal operations is to enhance the efficiency of the legal department and drive business growth. Whether it involves building relationships with stakeholders, establishing a strong presence, identifying and addressing challenges, or dreaming up creative solutions, laying the foundation is key to unlocking an organization's full potential. 

We will also discuss:

  • Driving Business Growth through Legal Operations: Enhancing the efficiency of the legal department, cultivating stakeholder relationships, and establishing a strong brand presence can drive business growth. Industry experts will offer insights into identifying and overcoming common challenges.
  • Strategic Legal Operations for Maximum Impact: Evolving into a strategic partner can deliver maximum value and influence the company's bottom line. This involves developing and implementing effective solutions to improve legal operations efficiency.
  • Recognition and Potential in Legal Operations: Garnering recognition for contributions to the organization and understanding the role of groundwork are key to unlocking an organization's full potential in terms of legal operations and overall business performance.

Join us for an engaging session with industry experts to learn how to become a strategic legal operations partner who delivers maximum value, with the power to influence the company's bottom line.

View the slides here.


Hayley McNeill Headshot
Hayley McNeillManager, Legal Operations, Zywave
Patrick WonDirector of Services, LinkSquares

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