Onboarding Services Overview


LinkSquares helps Legal and Finance teams work smarter, to improve efficiency and provide an essential single source of truth for their legal contracts through our industry leading Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and machine learning algorithms, which have analyzed hundreds of thousands of business documents, contracts and agreements, to automatically extract key data from your fully executed agreements. 

A successful LinkSquares onboarding will enable your business to operate more efficiently, reduce time spent on administrative tasks, and gain visibility into your legal obligations. 

LinkSquares Onboarding Services Package is designed to deliver value for our customers as soon as possible by providing a comprehensive implementation and training plan aligned to the customer’s overarching business goals.  This document describes the services included in the Onboarding Services Package during the onboarding period (defined below). If you purchase the Onboarding Services Package, the terms and conditions for the Onboarding Services Package set forth in this document are incorporated in and made part of the legal agreement entered into by you and LinkSquares and evidenced by the Order Form (“Order Form”) and the LinkSquares Software as a Service (SaaS) Terms of Service (“TOS” and collectively with the Order Form, the “Agreement”). The fee for the Onboarding Services Package is provided on your LinkSquares Order Form.

Onboarding Resources

Prior to the start of the onboarding, LinkSquares will assign each customer a dedicated Customer Success team, outlined below. They will work with your team throughout the onboarding period to align on your short- and long-term goals with LinkSquares, serving as both project managers and best practice consultants to ensure your team is setup for long-term success.

Customer Success Manager (CSM)

  • Primary contact throughout the entire customer lifecycle to ensure you’re getting the most value out of the platform and meeting your business goals. Consultative resource who will act as a project manager throughout the onboarding period, providing product trainings and best practices. 

Implementation Consultant (IC)

  • Product expert responsible for the successful implementation and technical setup of your LinkSquares account, who works closely with your Customer Success Manager to deliver value during the onboarding period.

Services Scope

The scope of the LinkSquares Onboarding Services Package includes the services listed below in support of the above objectives, delivered during the onboarding period and subject to the assumptions set forth below.  To the extent you need additional onboarding assistance, our Customer Success team will be happy to assist by identifying appropriate services and providing fee estimates.

LinkSquares Onboarding Services


1.) Bulk Migration of Customer Files into LinkSquares Platform

LinkSquares provides customer a Dropbox link that the customer can use to upload files for migration to the LinkSquares platform

LinkSquares can also ingest a customer’s PDF and DOCX files via API from the following cloud-based applications:

  • Salesforce
  • Box
  • Citrix ShareFile
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Docusign
  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Egnyte

Customers may also provide LinkSquares with temporary access to other cloud-based storage applications to conduct a one-time migration of files.  Customer is responsible for providing requisite permissions to download files.

Please note we ingest all of the files in the folder we are given access to. We currently do not support custom file selection or filtering rules.


2.) File Analysis

  • Identification & removal of duplicate files (documents with the same file name)
  • Count of documents by file type (i.e. .pdf, .docx, .xlsx, .jpg, .png, etc.)


3.) Bulk Application of Custom Tags & Types to Migrated Files

If files being migrated are organized by folders, LinkSquares can apply Custom Tags or Types based on the names of the folders that files are contained within.

Customer may also provide additional Custom Tags & Types through a csv template (provided by LinkSquares, populated by customer).

Note: This is a one-time service provided during onboarding.  Following the completion of the onboarding, customers will be responsible for managing and maintaining custom Tags & Types, or can reach out to LinkSquares Support team (support@linksquares.com) to request any additional bulk modifications. 


4.) Setup of Ongoing Sync with Supported Applications

In addition to the one-time migration of files during the onboarding period, LinkSquares can set up an ongoing sync to automatically ingest newly added files into the LinkSquares platform via API from the following applications:

  • Salesforce
  • Box
  • Citrix ShareFile
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Docusign
  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Egnyte

In addition to the e-signature tools listed above, LinkSquares will provide customers with a unique email address that can be added as a copy-only recipient to e-signature tools, including but not limited to: Docusign, HelloSign, and AdobeSign.  Customers may also use this email address to send files directly to LinkSquares via email attachments.

Lastly, LinkSquares’ standard Salesforce integration offers customers the ability to automate ingestion of newly executed agreements


5.) Admin & End User Team Trainings

As part of the onboarding, LinkSquares will walk the key users through navigating the system and managing the administrative settings. This includes, but not limited to, a review of the contract repository, how to search/view agreements and run reports, review of the Smart Values, and managing user access and other system settings. Additionally, the CSM and IC will share the best practice methods for setting up on-going file ingestion.

In addition to the product trainings included in the onboarding period, your Customer Success Manager will be available to provide live, online trainings for additional end-users, which will be planned during the onboarding, and available on an on-going basis throughout the customer lifecycle as new users are identified.



1.) Kickoff and Discovery

The LinkSquares team will work to understand the customer’s current process and workflows. LinkSquares will walk through the creation process of multiple workflows that will account for the proper ingestion of the customer’s agreements. LinkSquares will discuss with the customer the current process, recommendations based on the Finalize product, how agreements are requested and where we see the biggest bottlenecks.

2.) Role Assignment 

Here LinkSquares will discuss the roles and responsibilities that live inside Finalize. We will discuss the roles, functions, and approvals and will make recommendations based on the customer’s current processes.

3.) Configuration of workflow and integrations

Linksquares will help guide workflows, templates, and the native integrations as applicable. LinkSquares will guide the customer on building key in-take forms and customized workflow templates and request forms.

4.) UI/UX Testing and Optimization 

LinkSquares will help customers with beta testing of created processes. We will then optimize with a selected beta team to test each scenario. We will meet with the customer and key roles to gather feedback and appropriate next steps, instructing customers on how to make adjustments as necessary until the workflows are viable. 

5.) Training

The LinkSquares team will help provide product collateral and conduct specified training to customers based on outlined needs. 

6.) Deploy

Build out and visualize KPI insights through the LinkSquares dashboard and track progress. 

Onboarding Milestones & Timeline

The onboarding period begins on the date LinkSquares receives the customer’s initial batch of executed agreements to be uploaded into the account. The average onboarding is expected to be completed within 30-90 days, at which point the onboarding period will end once the customer  signs off on onboarding completion.

The following is a sample onboarding timeline*:


  • Milestone 1: Kick-Off (1-2 weeks)
    • Kick-Off Call (Owner: LinkSquares and Customer)
    • Customer Shares Initial Batch of Files (Owner: Customer)


  • Milestone 2: Account Setup (2-6 weeks)
    • LinkSquares File Analysis Provided for Customer Review (Owner: LinkSquares) 
    • Process Scanned Files through OCR Technology (Owner: LinkSquares)
    • Account Setup – Upload Files & Metadata Extraction (Owner: LinkSquares)


  • Milestone 3: Customer Review (1-2 weeks)
    • Initial Configuration / Admin Training Call (Owner: LinkSquares and Customer)
    • Additional Account Setup & Incorporate Customer Feedback (Owner: LinkSquares)


  • Milestone 4: Deployment (1-2 weeks)
    • Account Review Call (Owner: LinkSquares and Customer)
    • Customer Sign-Off (Owner: Customer)



After the Finalize product is ordered, LinkSquares and the Customer will agree on a Finalize kickoff date to begin onboarding.  The average onboarding is expected to be completed within 30-90 days, depending on environment complexities. 

The following are sample onboarding timelines*:

  • Milestone 1: Kickoff  (1 week)
    • Kick-Off Call (Owner: LinkSquares and Customer) 
    • Role Assignment (Owner: Customer)


  • Milestone 2: Configuration / Integration (2-3 weeks)
    • Advice on design, build and implementation of discussed workflows/templates (Owner: LinkSquares and Customer)
    • Advice on building out integrations (Owner: LinkSquares and Customer)


  • Milestone 3: UI/UX Testing (1 week)
    • Additional Account Setup & Incorporate Beta Feedback (Owner: LinkSquares) 


  • Milestone 4: Training (1-2 Weeks)
    • Collateral creation, training and walkthrough (Owner: LinkSquares)


  • Milestone 5: Deploy (1 week) 
    • Go live (Owner: Customer)


*Estimate Timelines – These can vary based on customer

Assumptions & Dependencies

  • The onboarding timelines stated above are dependent upon the customer sharing their existing executed agreement files. LinkSquares cannot begin the onboarding process until files are shared, so timelines will be adjusted based on when we receive all the files, or a subset of files.
  • The onboarding timelines stated above are based on the assumption that the customers’ agreement files are in a .pdf or .docx format. If other file types are shared (i.e. .png, .tiff, .jpg, etc.) or if individual files need to be combined into one file, the LinkSquares team will need to convert those files as a one-time remediation, which could delay these timelines.
  • The Onboarding Services Package does not include the setup of Data Population Integrations or Managed Values.  For customers purchasing these additional products, the services may be completed during or after the onboarding period at the discretion of LinkSquares. 

Additional Terms

  • If you purchase the Onboarding Services Package, the terms and conditions for the Onboarding Services Package set forth in this document are incorporated in and made part of the Agreement.  To the extent there is any conflict between the provisions of this document and those set forth in the Agreement, the provisions of the Agreement shall control.
  • Implementation Consultants & Customer Success Managers are available via email and phone with a standard response time within 24 to 48 business hours of request.
  • Unless otherwise agreed or specified in writing by LinkSquares, all Onboarding Services are performed remotely.
  • Customer understands and agrees that failure to provide timely responses or input as required for performance of the onboarding services may impact the timing of performance by LinkSquares. Customer and LinkSquares will jointly schedule any meetings, reviews, and/or coordination of resources.
  • If the delivery of the Onboarding Services are delayed for a period of 10 consecutive days due to Customer’s failure to make the necessary resources available or to perform Customer’s obligations, LinkSquares may temporarily re-assign resources until such time as Customer has eliminated the cause of delay and is ready to resume the Onboarding Services.

Out-of-scope & Additional Services

Services beyond the scope of the Onboarding Services Package described in this document will require a separate order form agreed to and executed by you and LinkSquares. Depending on the nature of the additional services, they may be provided on a time & materials or fixed price (one-time or recurring) basis and the terms and conditions therefore will be specified in the order form applicable to those services. LinkSquares and our preferred partners offer services beyond the scope of the standard Onboarding Services Package, including:

  • Separation of agreements (i.e. separate MSA and Amendment currently contained in a single file)
  • Custom engineering services, such as:
    • Integration with an existing legacy system to automate flow of agreements into LinkSquares
    • Integration with downstream platforms (i.e. CRM, ERP, CLM) via communications with an API or generation of custom export formats
  • Private and onsite trainings for LinkSquares administrators and end users


Schedule A: Detailed Onboarding Overview


1.) Kick-Off Call

The objective of this call is to ensure the customer has a clear understanding of the LinkSquares Onboarding Process and feels confident in their path to success.

During this call, we will introduce the LinkSquares onboarding team, get introduced to the customer stakeholders and discuss their short and long-term goals and success criteria. We will walk through a detailed onboarding plan to set clear expectations on timelines and deliverables from LinkSquares and the customer.

Lastly, we will review a brief questionnaire to gather all necessary information to properly setup the LinkSquares account and share best practices for the ideal outcome.

2.) Customer Shares Initial Batch of Files

This is when the onboarding period begins. The customer will share files through the available options for the LinkSquares IC to access and download.

3.) File Analysis Provided

The LinkSquares IC will analyze the initial batch of files shared and provide a summary of their findings. Findings will include a list of potential duplicate files based on the file name, a summary of the types of files shared (i.e. pdf, docx, etc.), and a breakdown of the folder structure which can be applied as Tags in LinkSquares.

The customer will review the File Analysis and confirm whether or not the duplicates should be removed or included, and which folders they’d like applied as Tags if applicable.

4.) Process Scanned Files through OCR Technology

During the File Analysis step, the LinkSquares IC will run a PDF Detection to identify the files that need to be OCR’d. Once determined, those files will be submitted through the LinkSquares OCR Process. The timeline for completing this step varies based on how many files need to be processed, how many pages each file contains, and the quality of the scanned images.

5.) Account Setup – Upload Files & Metadata Extraction

The LinkSquares IC will activate the customer’s account and upload any Digital PDF files that do not need to go through the OCR process into the account. At this point, any Tags identified during the File Analysis will also be applied to agreements, and the LinkSquares AI will be run to extract Smart Values (metadata) from those agreements.

The Linksquares CSM will then schedule the Initial Configuration / Admin Training Call with the Customer.

6.) Initial Configuration / Admin Training Call

The objective of this call is to give the customer a first look at their LinkSquares account, gather feedback, and provide a product training.

During this call, the LinkSquares CSM will walk the key users through navigating the system and managing the administrative settings. This includes, but not limited to, a review of the contract repository, how to search/view agreements and run reports, review of the Smart Values, and managing user access and other system settings. Additionally, the CSM and IC will share the best practice methods for setting up on-going file ingestion.

At the end of this call, the CSM will enable logins for all attendees and schedule the Account Review Call.

After this call, the customer is expected to activate their logins and review the account setup to share feedback to the LinkSquares Onboarding team.

7.) Additional Account Setup & Incorporate customer Feedback

After the initial review of the LinkSquares account, the IC will complete additional configuration requests and enable the Smart Admin Suite, if purchased. During this phase, the IC will also upload the remaining agreements to the account, once they’ve completed the OCR process.

8.) Train the Trainer

Opting for a train-the-trainer philosophy, LinkSquares will work with and support the Subject Matter Experts as LinkSquares roll out training through onboarding. The intent of this call is to review workflows and overall app functionality with your main point of contact.

9.) Account Review Call

This is the final call in the onboarding process. The objective is to review any implemented changes requested from the Initial Configuration call, review all enabled Smart Admin features (if purchased), discuss any product questions, and get final sign-off on the onboarding.

10.) Customer Sign-Off

Once the customer confirms their LinkSquares account has been setup to satisfaction based on the in-scope requirements outlined during the previous onboarding calls, the onboarding period will end.



1.) Kick-Off Call

The objective of this call is to ensure the customer has a clear understanding of the LinkSquares Onboarding Process. During this call, LinkSquares will walk through current workflows and current workflow requests. LinkSquares will discuss template creation, 3rd party vs internal requests, and approval processes. LinkSquares will talk through the integration process, as applicable and understand the best customer contacts during onboarding.

2.) User Role Assignment

LinkSquares will work with the customer to identify appropriate users in Finalize based on role definitions.

3.) Configuration/Integration 

LinkSquares and the customer will discuss template creation, template validation, drafting of agreements, redlining, execution and Analyze ingestion as needed. Further,  we will discuss key integration stakeholders that may be required to push workflows to additional tools.

4.) UI/UX Testing and Optimization

LinkSquares will work with a customer’s test group (BETA) to evaluate workflow configuration. This will include meeting with internal beta stakeholders and a review of existing templates built into the system. Walkthrough includes start to finish for agreement and testing integrations. 

5.) Training

LinkSquares uses a train-the-trainer philosophy and will work with and support the customer’s subject matter experts, so the customer can roll out training internally. These sessions reinforce the importance of user roles and discuss tailoring training for each department’s usage and needs. LinkSquares will also work with the customer to build out training collateral for internal distribution. 

6.) Deploy

Once live, our final call and step will be to outline the Finalize dashboard and help provide useful metrics to report internally. 

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