How is legal project management software different?

How is legal project management software different?

You’ve probably used tools like, Asana, Jira, Excel, and Zendesk in your career, and while they can be helpful, they’re not built for legal needs. In-house teams need a strong legal project management solution to stay on top of it all — and it helps when it’s tailored to your workflows. Let’s look at the options legal teams have for managing projects.

Manual task management
This is often the starting point for small, scrappy in-house legal teams — from a paper to-do list to a desk full of post-it notes, or even an inbox full of requests from teams across the business. While manual task management is often free or low-cost, tracking and reporting on tasks can be a challenge. As the to-do list and team expand, legal teams often outgrow these manual processes.

Generic project management tools
While Jira was built with software developers in mind, tools like and Asana were created to meet the needs of teams across a business. And while legal teams can jerry-rig the products to manage their work, even robust project management tools can fall short when it comes to your specific needs.

Legal project management
Unlike a one-size-fits-all project management tool, legal project management is built specifically to manage the legal workload, so teams can spend less time tailoring a tool to their needs and more time getting things done.


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