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Document digitization with OCR

LinkSquares AI uses Smart Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to turn hard-to-read contracts into readable, searchable text in minutes.

Automatic extractions and organization to simplify reporting

LinkSquares AI renames, classifies, and tags contracts so you can quickly pull dates and terms across every agreement.

Measurable results

LinkSquares dashboards are powered by AI insights that bring the next level of transparency to your contract portfolio.

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What is LinkSquares AI?

LinkSquares’ AI is designed to revolutionize the way legal teams work. Our enterprise legal management (ELM) platform combines native AI built exclusively for legal teams with generative AI technology to enhance legal workflows while ensuring accuracy and compliance.

With LinkSquares, you can trust that you’re getting the most advanced AI technology available for the legal industry.

Speed up contract review and negotiation with AI-powered contract review

Get insight into an agreement or redlines in an instant — the AI will review the agreement, summarize key points, and answer questions about its contents. 

Plus, let AI take the first pass at drafting a clause or redlines. Just tell the AI what you’re looking to create, like “draft a non-compete clause”, and it will generate suggested language for you.

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Supercharge your contract analysis with intelligently extracted dates and terms

Wasting precious time reading documents and manually pulling data? LinkSquares AI extracts over 120 dates and clauses from contracts, called Smart Values, that transform agreements into actionable data points.

And, if you’re not seeing what you're looking for with our out-of-the-box offering, create Similarity Terms to track your custom language.

How our native AI works

1File analysis

We identify the text we’d like to extract, search for this language across agreements, review the language present in the data, and repeat. Then we create a manual to guide our experts in annotating legal documents for our training data.

2Model training

Smart Value models are then trained on contract language examples annotated by our experts and fine-tuned to each legal definition. When they perform at a highly accurate level, we release them.

3Updates and maintenance

We continuously monitor the accuracy of our AI and make adjustments as needed. The best part of having all our AI development done in-house is that we can respond quickly to any new customer pain points, which is why we are here in the first place.

Meet the team who powers our AI.

Gavril Bilev Headshot

Data Science

LinkSquares’ in-house data science team comprises both machine learning engineers and data scientists who work tirelessly to build and refine our language models so you can extract precise contract dates and terms.

Sara Rana Headshot

Audit Team

A dedicated audit team reviews Smart Value extractions throughout production to ensure we capture the correct information. This helps us monitor language deviations and prioritize updates to existing models to capture new patterns.

Michael Baltusavich headshot

Legal Engineering

Legal engineers, equipped with expertise in law and artificial intelligence, keep a vigilant eye on regulatory updates to identify crucial new contract terms that can be extracted from legal contracts.

Product Headshot


Our product team works throughout the entire development process to imprint the voice of the customer and bring LinkSquares AI to life through intuitive features across the whole platform.

Contract AI FAQ

AI, or “artificial intelligence,” is the umbrella term for a range of techniques that allow computers to perform complicated tasks previously only performed by humans. LinkSquares initially utilized native machine learning (ML) techniques for our contract AI, wherein we train the system on labeled datasets, like contract terms in an agreement, to make language pattern predictions. In addition to our native AI, we also employ generative AI throughout the LinkSquares Cloud. 

In contrast to machine learning, Generative AI has the ability to understand prompts and create new, original content based on a set of instructions. This is the result of large language models (LLMs) that are pre-trained on vast amounts of data from a wide variety of sources — essentially the entire internet. Some common legal use cases on the market are text summarization, task suggestions, and contract review to name a few.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is the computerized process of transforming images and scans into readable text. Every document uploaded into the LinkSquares CLM goes through our proprietary Smart OCR process, turning illegible documents into readable, searchable text. From there, our AI can extract contract data from the digitized files.

Our native AI is developed by in-house data scientists, legal engineers, and auditors to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and value in the market. Our AI is made through a multi-team and multi-step approach, built on millions of training data points where each model encounters different examples and variations of legal language. We only release highly accurate models and continue to monitor their accuracy continuously. Additionally, we’ve built generative AI features that interface with a customized instance of a large language model that is tailored to legal use cases. 

Artificial intelligence is ultimately only as good as the data the models were trained on, so LinkSquares understands “not all models are created equal.” A 99% stamp of accuracy could work for one client’s repository, but if your repository has unseen patterns, you may not see the same results. Instead, we continue to monitor industry trends and work with our customers on identifying patterns in their repositories we may not have been capturing.

LinkSquares deliberately built our entire platform around AI, rather than adding it in later. As the pioneer in legal AI, innovation is at our core, and we’ve worked to infuse both our native and generative AI across the entire LinkSquares Cloud. You can trust that our AI is core to the user experience, making features easy and intuitive.This shines through in our Smart Values in Analyze, AI-powered contract review in Finalize for Word, and AI-Suggested Subtasks in Prioritize, and so much more.

While AI will not eliminate the need for human legal teams, those who embrace artificial intelligence may gain a competitive advantage over those who do not. Utilizing an AI-powered Contract Lifecycle Management tool will not replace the strategic decision-making abilities of a human. It will streamline and speed up repetitive, time-consuming tasks within the legal process.

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