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Manage all your priorities in one place

Get a birds-eye view of all the work on your team’s plate — from legal requests and contracts to long-term projects.

Keep projects moving

Access requests, documents, and approvals in one place to keep projects on track.

Secure your critical business data

Protect sensitive information with a tool for legal eyes only.

Make time for the work that matters.

Ditch manual processes and focus on strategic work with legal project management.

So long, spreadsheet tracker.

No more manually inputting and updating projects into a shared spreadsheet. Manage, track, and report on projects in one place, so you can better prioritize your team’s work and get more done.

Simplify task tracking to boost productivity.

Ditch system-hopping! With a legal project management tool natively integrated with your CLM, you can easily view and manage all your legal projects in one place. From content review to agreement tasks and approvals, stay productive!

Plus, your team can submit tasks right from Slack so they can continue working where they want.

Report on your team's impact with ease.

Use dashboards to monitor your team’s workload and report on their impact to the business. Get instant access to the data you need to make strategic decisions related to workload, processes, and headcount.

Custom, repeatable workflows the entire team can use.  

Automate task creation for a smooth, consistent process every time with templates. Customize form questions to gather initial info, and set up the template with recurring subtasks, attachments, and relevant assignees that auto-fill on creation.

Danielle Sheer Headshot
"Prioritize offers a solution to do more faster, freeing up critical time for high-value, strategic initiatives. By automating and centralizing the manual and disparate task management processes, my team can serve the needs of the business better."

Danielle Sheer

CLO, Commvault
See LinkSquares Prioritize in Action

See LinkSquares Prioritize in action.