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Meet your team.

From your first call to your first executed contract, our customer success team is here to listen and help from onboarding and beyond.

Steve McKenzie

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We prioritize our employees’ well-being. When it comes to the big life stuff, we’ve got you covered.

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Surfing, cage diving, and soccer, oh my! Here are some of the fun things we do when we’re off the clock.

Creating a contract
  • Drafting a proposed contract
  • Editing a contract (also called redlining)
  • Finalizing a contract
Executing a contract
  • Signature
  • Counter-signature
Managing a contract
  • Storing an executed agreement
  • Extracting data from a contract to parse out obligations, opportunities, and risks
  • Pushing extracted contract data into another system

How to choose the right CLM solution

Even when you know you need CLM, choosing the right platform can be a daunting task. Here are three steps you can take to simplify the process.

1Map out your needs.

While many legal teams will require similar solutions, the best CLM for your organization will be identified as the result of planning. The key is to know your legal processes from front to back, and the best way to do this is to write down a list of every stop your contract makes from conception to execution.

Once you’ve visualized the process, you can identify where improvements can be made. Where are your pain points? Which steps in your pipeline are dragging on longer than they should be? How often do errors occur? These questions will bring the problem into focus and help you identify the solution.

2Narrow your focus.

Now that you have your contract processes mapped out, you can begin to prioritize specific solutions. No legal practice is perfect, and your team will probably have more than a couple of pain points that stand to benefit from a CLM solution. Instead of trying to fix everything all at once, focus on one or two areas that need the most attention. By identifying these one or two problem areas, you can approach contract lifecycle management vendors with a specific outcome and have an easier time deciding who can help.

3Ask questions.

When you’re finally prepared to approach CLM vendors and explore different solutions, it’s critical to ask the right questions. For example, how long will it take to integrate the platform, and what sort of training will your team need in order to navigate the interface? How secure is the network? How will data be hosted, shared, and accessed throughout your organization and between trusted partners? What renovations is the platform currently going through, and what changes should you expect to its functionality down the line?

More than anything, you want to understand the vendor’s services as clearly as possible, how it can be applied specifically to your processes, and what kind of support you can expect should any problems arise.

For more information on how to evaluate CLM solutions, check out this guide.

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Meet the team who powers our AI.

Gavril Bilev Headshot

Data Science

LinkSquares’ in-house data science team comprises both machine learning engineers and data scientists who work tirelessly to build and refine our language models so you can extract precise contract dates and terms.

Sara Rana Headshot

Audit Team

A dedicated audit team reviews Smart Value extractions throughout production to ensure we capture the correct information. This helps us monitor language deviations and prioritize updates to existing models to capture new patterns.

Michael Baltusavich headshot

Legal Engineering

Legal engineers, equipped with expertise in law and artificial intelligence, keep a vigilant eye on regulatory updates to identify crucial new contract terms that can be extracted from legal contracts.

Product Headshot


Our product team works throughout the entire development process to imprint the voice of the customer and bring LinkSquares AI to life through intuitive features across the whole platform.

Graph illustration

What is LinkSquares AI?

LinkSquares’ AI is designed to revolutionize the way legal teams work. Our enterprise legal management (ELM) platform combines native AI built exclusively for legal teams with generative AI technology to enhance legal workflows while ensuring accuracy and compliance.

With LinkSquares, you can trust that you’re getting the most advanced AI technology available for the legal industry.

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