Strategic Smart Values

With Strategic Smarts Values, you can achieve the deep insights necessary to tackle your complex regulations and business initiatives.

GDPR Reports

Simplify the complex

Deep contract insights are vital to tackling your most complex regulatory challenges and business initiatives. Strategic Smart Values allow you to extract the highly specific and distinct data points you need. Think Data Residency for GDPR and Successor Liability for M&A events.

See below for the list of global regulations and business challenges you can address with Strategic Smart Values.

Take control of your data

With access to your data, you can start putting it to work to proactively mitigate risk and plan on-going compliance, respond faster to critical business issues, and easily create custom reports for your C-Suite, investors, and regulators.

Learn about how our Global Smart Values can help accelerate your day-to-day contracting.

From data privacy to financial regulation to critical corporate initiatives, our Strategic Smart Values help your business run more smoothly

GDPR | Europe

Identify risk exposure in your existing agreements and ensure vendor compliance with the ability to evaluate you and your vendor’s position by drilling into top GDPR terms with the click of a button. 

CCPR/CPRA | California

Assess your company’s and partner’s compliance with CCPR and CCPA data privacy protection guidelines and evaluate risk exposure. Quickly respond to an evolving CCPR/CPRA regulatory landscape by reviewing relevant clauses and determining whether they need to be updated.

LGPD | Brasil

Evaluate agreements for LGPD and assess your company’s and your partner’s compliance and risk exposure in relation to these standards. Quickly respond to an evolving LGPD regulatory landscape by reviewing relevant clauses and determining whether they need to be updated.


Boost your company’s protection of sensitive patient medical information by evaluating your company’s HIPAA security and compliance position. Surface critical HIPAA clauses and terms such as Data Use and Disclosure, Access Control and Data Security Clause to ensure adherence to HIPAA standards.


Ensure compliance with Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act Safeguards with the ability to quickly evaluate and assess your company’s adherence to legal standards. Assess your company’s security and compliance positions related to safeguarding sensitive customer financial data.

M&A Events

Audit your agreements for upcoming mergers and acquisitions so you can quickly uncover risks before key transactions and investment activities. Dig into terms like Assignment Clause, Non-Solicitation, and others to proactively plan around upcoming transactions.

NDA Management

Protect your company’s, partner’s, and client’s most valuable assets, intellectual property, and data with a clear understanding of your company’s NDA obligations and restrictions. 


Build stronger partner and vendors relationships by understanding key obligations, renewals, return rights, terms and conditions. Identify areas where you can recover lost value and better arms your business for future success.


Understand critical details in your leasing contracts such as rent amount and due date, early termination, and lease renewal so you can strategically plan around important property-related activities.

Strategic Smart Values can help you tackle some of your most pressing regulatory and business initiatives. Let us show you how.

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