CLM for Life Sciences

Scaling a legal team with slow contract processes can be messier than a drug recall. Automate the pain away with centralized, AI-powered contract lifecycle management (CLM) for life sciences.

Life Sciences

Accelerate medical trials

Learn how leading biotech and pharma companies streamline their contract processes and improve compliance with LinkSquares. Seriously, check it out.

CLM for Biotech
Life Sciences

CLM for Healthcare? We’ve got that too

Let insurers and physician groups collaborate with ease. Understand every policy commitment with AI-extracted HIPAA terms. Get back to changing the world.

CLM for Healthcare
"Having worked in firms tracking billable hours, I’m pretty attuned to how long it takes to do something. Using LinkSquares, we’re all excited to be getting more done more quickly. "
LinkSquares life sciences customer
Jessie Bustamante
General Counsel
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