Efficiently Manage and Store Your Documents with LinkSquares

Keep your contracts centralized and secure within a single, intelligent repository, providing immediate access to the information you need to manage your portfolio.

Find any contract across your company in seconds 

Store every legal agreement within a secure centralized repository. Apply contract tags for comprehensive, tailored search. Integrate with email and file-sharing applications to empower any employee – even outside Legal – to store, share, or reference contracts with a few simple clicks.

Easily track where your contracts are in the creation process

Whether drafting your own agreements or reviewing third-party paper, always know where your agreements are in the creation process. In-flight and executed contracts are centrally stored within LinkSquares for fast access. Search and sort by name, creation date, and drafting stage. Review the complete record of all activity for each agreement.

Stay on top of your critical contract dates and obligations

Contracts define what each party cannot do, what they must do, and when they have to do it. LinkSquares’ proprietary AI and Smart Values extract, organize, and store this critical information for instant access. Customizable Dashboards provide high-level views across your entire portfolio, while report drill-downs and text-level search show you specific information. Event Calendars are automatically populated with upcoming terminations and renewals so you never miss a deadline.

Safely provide internal access to your contracts to those who need it

Balance contract security and internal collaboration with a highly granular permission structure, so people can find everything they need but nothing they don’t. Set permissions for specific people or teams across your company or define access by contract type, contract tags, and various other filters.

Ensure your repository is fully comprehensive with key integrations

LinkSquares integrates with all the most popular email and file sharing applications, enabling non-Legal personnel to help  make sure your portfolio is complete. Simply link an email account with LinkSquares, or create a dedicated LinkSquares folder within your preferred file-sharing application, and any added contracts will be imported to LinkSquares automatically.

Understand how much time you could save with an intelligent, data-driven repository.

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