Contract Management for Growth-Stage Companies

Bring your growth-stage company to the big leagues with superpowered contract management.

Keep your work where it belongs: in-house.

No legal team? No problem. 

Spend less time and money on outside resources and get back to the work that matters. (Hint: It’s not chasing emails.)  

Find what you need, faster. 

Understand the full scope of your contract repository in seconds with LinkSquares Analyze.

Scale efficiently and effortlessly. 

Our easy-to-use platform and established workflows make tomorrow’s work possible today.

ai for contract management

Never miss a renewal date again.

Utilize powerful analytics tools to identify bottlenecks bigger than a thermal exhaust port.

Start reporting

Get organized. Get funding. Get growing.

Expedite fundraising and M&A activity with customizable reporting. Learn how LinkSquares can accelerate your fundraising here.

Increase productivity, not headcount.

contract management for small business

Leave the repetitive stuff for the robots.

Combing through contracts? LinkSquares AI lets you quickly review third-party paper and find key info buried in your contract repository.

Explore our AI

Empower your sales team to become self-sufficient.

Automate your agreement process with simple workflows and customizable templates that integrate Salesforce, AdobeSign, file sharing, and more

Reduce risk in the blink of an eye.

Never lose track of who sent a document, when, or where. LinkSquares lets you track every turn of a contract in flight and perform audits in a few clicks with detailed activity logs.

LinkSquares Contract Management
"I highly recommend LinkSquares for all contracting needs. I would not discount how valuable it can be to other stakeholders, not just the legal department. It de-risks the legal function, it saves time and it’s highly scalable."
LinkSquares Contract Management customer
Kristin Shaheen
General Counsel
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