Enterprise Contract Management

Need to get more done, in less time, with fewer people? It’s not impossible. It’s LinkSquares. 

Enterprise Contract Management

Work smarter, not harder with AI.

Understand what’s in your contracts. 

LinkSquares AI automatically extracts renewal dates, price increases, and more key info to keep you on top of everything. 

Then let AI handle the rest. 

Seriously. With enterprise contract management, you can automate the first pass of complex third-party paper, organize agreements, and review language in a few clicks.

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Digitize contracts with confidence.

Stuck trying to decipher poor quality pictures? LinkSquares automatically converts fuzzy scans into easy-to-read digital versions using object character recognition (OCR). To ensure 100% accuracy, we personally QA every agreement to boot.

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LinkSquares contract management fundraising and m&a

Ditch multiple drives and accelerate due diligence.

LinkSquares organizes contracts in a single repository, allowing you to build custom reports for strategic events in minutes. It’s like a flux capacitor for your fundraising goals.

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Automate manual contract processes.

Whether you’re looking to route contracts to your fellow humans/humanoids or organize them using a naming convention, LinkSquares takes care of it. With enterprise contract management, we automate the tedious, so you can focus on high-value work.

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LinkSquares Salesforce Integration

Collaboration made easy. Almost too easy.

Share dates with Finance for better forecasting. Empower Sales to draft their own contracts using self-service templates and our Salesforce integration. Beam yourself to spending time with your family earlier.

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Security standards to match enterprise needs.

Contracts are at the core of your business, which is why we take security very seriously. With LinkSquares, you get enterprise-grade, SOC 2 Type 2-certified security hosted on AWS.

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"I can’t even explain how much easier my life is with large-scale contract analysis in LinkSquares. Without LinkSquares, my team couldn’t move as quickly as they do with the acquisitions."
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Alex Britton
Vice President – General Counsel
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