CLM for Biotech

Leave contract combing in the past and get back to making the world a healthier place.

LinkSquares CLM for Biotech

Uncover risk exposure

Our AI pulls 100+ pieces of key info from any contract—IP agreements, royalties, you name it—offering a holistic view into any agreement without the hassle.

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LinkSquares CLM for Biotech

Stay on top of critical milestones

Whether chasing royalty payments for clinical trials or NDA renewal dates, find what’s due (and when) at a glance. Easy, peasy, Analyze-y.

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Accelerate fundraising events

Our platform centralizes all your documents and data so you can instantly and effortlessly populate a data room or locate contracts for due diligence.

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LinkSquares CLM for Biotech
LinkSquares CLM for Biotech

Automate every step of your contract lifecycle

Easily create contract templates using pre-approved language and scale your business at laser speed.

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Working together is as easy as 1-2-3

1. LinkSquares makes sharing data and collaborating with other teams a breeze. 

2. LinkSquares integrates with tools you know and love, like Salesforce and DocuSign. 

3. That’s it, actually.

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"LinkSquares is the most intuitive CLM we demoed. No training videos are required. The AI scanning for the repository is the most superior we encountered."
VP of Intellectual Property
Major Biotech Firm
LinkSquares contract management

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