Smart Values

Premium Smart Values

Assignment Clause (Full Clause)
Assignment Possibility (True or False)
Assignment Requires Consent (True or False)
Audit (Full Clause)
Commencement Date (Exact Date)
Confidentiality Clause (Full Clause)
Confidentiality Consent Required (True or False)
Confidentiality Exceptions (Text)
Confidentiality Post Termination Period (True or False)
Data Breach (Full Clause)
Data Breach Notification Period (Number of Days)
Data Breach Notify Immediately (True or False)
Execution Date (Exact Date)
Force Majeure (Full Clause)
Force Majeure Exception (True or False)
Force Majeure Termination (True or False)
Governing Law (Full Clause)
Indemnification (Full Clause)
Insurance (Full Clause)
Limitation of Liability (Full Clause)
Limitation of Liability Aggregate Limit (True or False)
Limitation of Liability Consequential Damages Waived (True or False)
Notice (Full Clause)
Parties Freely Assign (True or False)
Payment Terms (Full Clause)
Publicity (Full Clause)
Service Level Agreement (Full Clause)
Service Level Agreement Credits (True or False)
Service Level Agreement Uptime Commitments (True or False)
Term Clause (Full Clause)
Termination Clause (Full Clause)
Termination Date (Exact Date)
Termination for Convenience (Yes or No)
Termination for Convenience Opt-Out (Number of Days)
Warranty (Full Clause)

Standard Smart Values (Included)

Auto-Renewal (Present or Not Present)
Auto-Renewal Opt Out (Number of Days)
Auto-Renewal Term (Number of Months)
Calculated Termination Date (Exact Date)
Contract Term (Number of Months)
Effective Date + Signature Date (Exact Date)
Governing Law (Governing Law Name)
Invoice Payment (Number of Days)
Parties (Party Names)
Renewal Date (Exact Date)

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