Smart Admin organizes your contracts automatically

Inconsistently named contracts scattered across shared drives makes your job harder. Smart Admin automatically organizes your contracts by adding standardized names, the applicable contract type, and any relevant labels, empowering you to to stay organized and efficient.

Get better organized, faster

Smart Admin automatically captures the key details needed to get a contract comprehensively and intuitively stored within your centralized repository. Simply set up your preferred naming conventions and let Smart Admin take care of the rest.

Maintain consistent naming across every contract

Consistently named contracts provide a more organized repository, making it easier for people across your organization to find the contracts they need. Smart Admin automatically names your contracts based on your specifications.

Consistency drives smoother collaboration

Standard naming conventions makes it easy for any LinkSquares user, even those not in Legal, to quickly access the documents they need.

Ensure consistency for better insights

Keeping your contracts consistently organized means that searches and reports will turn up accurate, reliable results, every time.

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