Battle Burnout with LinkSquares & Ally Love

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Battle Burnout with LinkSquares & Ally Love


Finding the perfect work-life harmony is often a challenge, but it doesn't have to be.

Join us for a conversation around mental health and work-life harmony with Ally Love, Founder and CEO of Love Squad, renowned Peloton instructor, host, inspiring speaker, and Adidas global ambassador! Gain insight into the tools needed to help you battle burnout and achieve a more harmonious life.

About Ally
Ally Love is a multi-hyphenate trailblazer of the slash generation. She is the founder and CEO of Love Squad, Global Peloton instructor, Host of the Top 10 Netflix series Dance 100, and has been the host of the Brooklyn Nets for the past 10 seasons.

In 2015, Love founded the Love Squad community to empower women through the facilitation of motivational and educational conversations.

Entrepreneur, host, motivational speaker, ambassador, fitness instructor, and boss, Love is an inspirational powerhouse. Her ultimate unwavering goal is to position those around her to step into their power through the convergence of articulation and conversation.

Love has been featured in Vogue and The New York Times as well as appearing on various broadcast shows including Good Morning America, The Today Show, The View, The Drew Barrymore Show, The Tamron Hall Show, and more.


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Ally LoveFounder & CEO, Love Squad

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