Collaborating on contracts is a breeze

LinkSquares accelerates the contract process by allowing teams to collaborate with Legal like never before – in real-time – eliminating the endless chase for answers scattered across various departments and drives.

Communicate throughout the entire contract lifecycle

Moving agreements forward faster with real-time status updates, in-app chat, and email notifications enables legal to respond swiftly and avoid delays.

What’s the status? You’ll always know.

Know each contract’s status and who holds the pen. With insight into every turn of a contract inside LinkSquares, quickly identify and resolve any roadblocks.

Insights & dashboards for everyone

LinkSquares gives every department the power to stay abreast of the most critical pieces of contract information – like price increases or renewal dates. Whether Legal, Procurement, or Finance – each team can create and view tailored reports with information most important to them.


Work with the tools you know & love

Allow sales reps to draft agreements directly from Salesforce. Continue your redlining from Microsoft Word. Import executed contracts from a storage platform. With LinkSquares as the central contract mothership, each team can continue moving contracts forward without leaving their preferred software. 


Fewer emails. Fewer video calls. It’s a win for everyone.

LinkSquares contract management

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