WorkHuman uses LinkSquares to automate contract management processes and save time, money, and labor previously devoted to manual contract management.

LinkSquares AI Provides a Robust Solution to Help WorkHuman Speed Up Contract Review

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In toxic work environments, employees can be made to feel like little more than a number as their voice goes unheard, their accomplishments remain unrecognized, or their relationship with colleagues proves non-existent.

The team at WorkHuman seeks to help companies do better on behalf of employees. The company believes in the power of positivity to cultivate a better workplace and focuses on helping foster human connection by empowering employees to recognize each other in real-time and make their voices heard. WorkHuman offers a range of cloud-based software solutions through its WorkHuman Cloud suite, including Social Recognition®, Life EventsTM, and Conversations®.

“For someone looking for user-friendly cloud contract management with powerful searching and analytics, LinkSquares is the answer."

Lauren Zajac

WorkHuman has managed its contracts in-house and manually for many years. But as the company grew and began to work with more and more clients, its process for contract management proved inefficient, time-consuming, and painful for its legal team.

Instead of focusing their efforts and expertise helping WorkHuman continue to innovate, the legal team found themselves spending too much time on tedious operational tasks tied to contract search, discovery, and management. “We’d gone through many iterations of our homegrown contract management process, and it wasn’t keeping up with our needs as a thriving business,” says Lauren Zajac, Chief Legal Officer at WorkHuman.

“We were getting more and more contracts and were having trouble going back in time and finding searchable and readable PDFs we could reference to replicate language or concepts that we had used previously in new deals,” says Nick Solis, Associate General Counsel at WorkHuman. “At one point we engaged with a third-party company who had converted all of our contracts to readable and searchable PDF files; we’d have to devote an intern or paralegal’s time to batch contracts and send them over to the company.”

Once the third party converted and returned the files, the WorkHuman legal team would manually upload the PDFs into Salesforce and would use Salesforce’s search capability to identify key terms and language. Needless to say, the process was highly inefficient and not an ideal use of the team’s time or resources.

“LinkSquares provided us the ability to demo its product right away so we could get to know its capabilities, particularly its automated language search feature, and decide if it met our needs,” says Zajac. “The LinkSquares team provided us with a hands-on approach and very quickly got everyone on our team up-to-speed once we made the decision to move forward.”

LinkSquares AI-powered contract analytics software provided a robust solution to help WorkHuman address its primary needs

  • Seamless integration with WorkHuman’s systems, including Salesforce.
  • Upload any file type, and LinkSquares converts it into a readable, searchable PDF.
  • Search terms or word groups across all files within seconds and find what one is looking for – even if the precise wording is unknown.
  • Store and organize all files per-project in a secure repository that can be divided into separate data rooms giving clients and teams secure access to their confidential data and reducing liability.
  • Generate customized reports quickly.
  • Minimize department costs by eliminating the need for third-party vendors and paid interns or paralegals to deal with contract management backlog created by an inefficient process.

By using LinkSquares, WorkHuman’s legal team gains back the time they can put towards other business priorities: Contract management projects that previously took two weeks to a month now take minutes – saving WorkHuman labor costs and lost hours. “The LinkSquares team was amazing at getting us up-to-speed and providing best practices for us along the way. We’ve had nothing but success with LinkSquares,” says Solis.


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