LinkSquares integrates with SessionM's existing business solutions to optimize their organization's contract management process.

LinkSquares Allows SessionM to Work in the Tools They Know Best to Help Save Resources and Time

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SessionM is dedicated to helping create long-lasting connections between brands and consumers through more elegant real-time engagement. As SessionM grew at a fast pace, Andy Dale – General Counsel and VP of Global Privacy at SessionM – came up against a substantial challenge with how the company traditionally managed its contracts. Without the right tools or systems in place, contract management at scale can become inefficient, time-consuming, and expensive.

I recommend the platform to other legal teams looking to take advantage of automation and machine learning to ease the burden of contract management.

Andy Dale

“Our previous contract management solution comprised of using Box and a file folder structure system,” says Dale. “It wasn’t searchable in a way we needed to be able to pull reports across a group of agreements.” Of concern for the SessionM team were the various formats in which its contracts and documents were saved, and the time and resources spent on manually uploading agreements and contracts into Box and its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Given that the SessionM legal department couldn’t afford to dedicate a team member to the task, the company was forced to hire third-party contractors for uploading its contracts.

Having had experience with LinkSquares in a previous role, Dale chose to evaluate if LinkSquares’ AI-powered contract management cloud platform could address SessionM’s challenges. The team replaced its existing contract management process with LinkSquares and hasn’t looked back

LinkSquares’ platform integrates with numerous cloud services like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Salesforce which provided SessionM the ability to set up LinkSquares quickly. The team found they were able to easily begin syncing new contracts into the system with little change management by integrating LinkSquares with tools like Box and a custom email sync.

“LinkSquares’ tagging structure and search functions make the tool very useful to us, and LinkSquares makes the uploading of documents much easier says Dale. “Using LinkSquares, I’ve been able to solve a major pain point for me – losing resources and time to manual contract management tasks – I don’t have to hire third-party contractors and instead I can focus on helping help my team focus on business-impacting tasks.”

LinkSquares has made SessionM’s life easier by enabling its legal team to source and gather information from contracts very quickly, and to draft strategic plans for the coming years by looking at trends and information from its contracts and agreements. “During the lead up to a round of financing, LinkSquares was very helpful for me, especially with the disclosure work and disclosure schedule,” says Dale. “And it’s really been valuable for me as I help with strategic planning for this year and the next. As I make priorities and look at trends, it’s much easier to search and quantify those numbers very quickly using LinkSquares.”

As an ardent user of the platform, Dale and his team have provided the LinkSquares team valuable feedback about feature improvements and suggestions that LinkSquares has taken to heart, such as improvements regarding the document upload process.

“LinkSquares is an easy-to-use system for quickly uploading all of our agreements into a searchable format with AI-powered reporting and its team is great to work with,” says Dale. “I recommend the platform to other legal teams looking to take advantage of automation and machine learning to ease the burden of contract management.”

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