BenchPrep uses LinkSquares to efficiently scale the company's legal function and save time for stakeholders across the organization.

BenchPrep uses LinkSquares to successfully scale their legal function

Kristen Shaheen, General Counsel & Strategic Operations Leader

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Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Chicago, IL, BenchPrep is an education SaaS company which provides cloud-based study guides for standardized tests, professional certifications, and K-12 classroom learning. With over 100 employees across the United States, BenchPrep has partnered with educational publishers such as McGraw Hill, John Wiley & Sons, and the Princeton Review to create interactive, digitized courses. 

Kristen Shaheen, General Counsel, established BenchPrep’s legal department, joining as the company’s first in-house counsel in 2020. Kristen manages the company’s contracting process  which includes creating, reviewing, and analyzing all customer and vendor agreements. 

Finding the Right CLM for BenchPrep

When Kristen joined BenchPrep, the company was already in the middle of evaluating a contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution she had used in a previous role. From Kristen’s experience, this system was clunky, not user-friendly, and took over six months to implement. She knew that in order to help BenchPrep to scale quickly, she needed a seamless solution that would give her a full understanding of her legal obligations while also freeing her up from the low value, manual tasks of creating standard contracts such as sales agreements and NDAs. 

Kristen heard about LinkSquares from her investors and knew she needed to see a demo. During her evaluation of LinkSquares, she was impressed by how intuitive the platform was and its ability to manage both customer and third-party vendor agreements – something other solutions she evaluated could not do.

Collaborating cross-functionally with LinkSquares

BenchPrep became a LinkSquares customer in 2021, purchasing both LinkSquares Finalize and LinkSquares Analyze. With these products, Kristen can collaborate cross-functionally with other departments such as Sales, Customer Success, and Accounting in ways she couldn’t before, enabling each team to leverage the data they need. Kristen was not only impressed by the ease of use of Finalize and Analyze, but also by how fast and painless the setup process was for her team.

“The onboarding process with LinkSquares was a matter of weeks. We didn’t need any IT support. It’s just very intuitive to use. With other platforms I’ve worked with in the past, the integrations have taken months, even six to seven months,” Kristen said.

“LinkSquares has been a fantastic tool because I can search for terms that are critical to me and find them in minutes. That’s been a tremendous time savings, which gives me more time to devote to other aspects of the department, like proactively planning for the future. For example, I can use Dashboards in Analyze to see at-a-glance snapshots to help us forecast deals and mitigate risk.” 

Streamlining contract creation with LinkSquares Finalize

After using LinkSquares for only a few months, Kristen found that it helped improve a number of processes at BenchPrep. BenchPrep has also been leveraging Finalize to help streamline their contract creation process. 

“With Finalize, our Sales team can create their own contracts, so that I don’t need to partner with Sales on every contract that gets generated. This allows the legal department to scale very easily and very quickly,” Kristen said.

“I highly recommend LinkSquares for all contracting needs. I would not discount how valuable it can be to other stakeholders, not just the legal department. It de-risks the legal function, it saves time and it’s highly scalable.”


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