Asurion uses LinkSquares to take the manual work out of contract management and analysis. Their team is able to easily and quickly pull reports based on key terms.

Asurion Reduces Time Spent on Contract Review by 50% with LinkSquares

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In 2018, Asurion set out to transform legal operations within their company in order to improve 3 key business areas: financial management, knowledge management, and legal processes. With over 10,000 employees and a legal team of 125 people spread across 15 different locations, this was no small task.

Asurion’s first step was to hire Beau Sylvester to lead this transformation across the entire organization. When Beau joined, he performed a full top-to-bottom assessment of legal operations. He immediately discovered a few key areas that were preventing the team from being as effective as possible, which included:

  • Attorneys were spending multiple hours/week searching for documents.
  • Contract management was a manual, time-consuming process.
  • There were single points of failure for document management.
  • Documents were stored in multiple locations, leading to inefficiencies.
  • Attorneys didn’t always have access to all of the documents they needed.

“After I determined the areas for improvement, I started looking at ways we could leverage the latest technology to automate repetitive tasks, give us deeper insights, and improve processes” said Beau. His search led him to LinkSquares. Within weeks of becoming a LinkSquares customer, he was leveraging the ability to have:

  • Automated extraction of key terms and metadata.
  • Having a single, searchable repository for all agreements.
  • Advanced user roles and permissions for document management.

LinkSquares has taken the manual work out of contract management and analysis. Now that we have LinkSquares, our entire legal team knows where to go to find legal documents. I love that their AI quickly and accurately pulls out information from our agreements.  Our team can easily and quickly pull reports based on key terms and perform full-text search on any document. This saves us hours of time each week and allows us to focus on more important tasks.

Beau Sylvester

At LinkSquares, we couldn’t be happier about partnering with Asurion. We love hearing how our customers are transforming the way their legal team works!

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