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Founded in 2013 Pendo

Pendo’s mission is to improve the world’s experiences with software. The company, founded in 2013 by alumni from Rally, Google, Cisco, and Red Hat, sought to build a platform to help product managers simplify their ability to understand and act on what truly drives product success. With Pendo, product teams can understand product usage, collect feedback, measure NPS, onboard users, and announce new features in-app—all without requiring engineering resources.

Fun fact: Pendo has raised $106 million over four funding rounds. In 2018, Pendo ranked as a top place to work by Inc. and a top cloud company in the Forbes Cloud 100.


  • Company scaled extremely fast but only had one headcount devoted to contract management
  • Existing system in place for contract management was targeted toward financial audits and didn’t provide a comprehensive platform to address many contract management needs and use cases
  • The team struggled to get contracts organized for the legal team’s use
  • Searching through contracts for specific language was inefficient and time-consuming; with the growth of the company, it became more challenging to locate the particular text needed within specific contracts


  • LinkSquares enables Pendo to begin getting its contracts organized in a manner that makes sense for the Pendo team
  • Using the auto-tagging feature LinkSquares provides has helped Pendo reduce the manual time spent managing and tagging contracts
  • Taking advantage of LinkSquares' integration with DocuSign helps Pendo reduce the manual steps needed for contract execution; DocuSign routes contracts for signatures, and Pendo's legal team receives a fully executed version in LinkSquares, helping the legal team save time
  • As a fast-growing company, efficiently finding the answers employees need is crucial. Using LinkSquares, Pendo’s legal team can run a search on all contracts to quickly identify answers to nuanced questions

As industries are increasingly digitized and markets are saturated with new software offerings, users can quickly jump from one product to another. Competition is fierce, and customers have a lower tolerance for a product that doesn’t quite meet their needs. Companies must continuously understand and anticipate each individual’s wants and needs to create software that they value and depend on.

Pendo helps product managers build better software by efficiently analyzing customer feedback and customer usage analytics. Pendo is a product cloud that brings product analytics, user feedback, and guided customer engagement together as part of one integrated platform. The company seeks to help software companies better understand their users and guide them to features in-app that may optimize their experience. Pendo also helps companies evaluate which features drive a higher ROI and customer delight…and which may not be worth the investment.

pendo team

Pendo Team in Raleigh, NC. Credit: Pendo

Beginning as a small start-up in 2013, Pendo has grown rapidly—the company has experienced exponential growth year-over-year—and continues to build its customer base. Today, it counts 900 customers. With its massive growth, four rounds of funding, and one acquisition complete, the Pendo legal team quickly found its existing contract management solution unsuitable to its needs.

“The system we had in place was very much targeted to financial audit use cases, but didn’t provide us a comprehensive contract management solution,” says Kathryn Helin, Data Protection / Compliance Officer & Corporate Counsel at Pendo. “We decided we needed to find a new contract management solution as quickly as possible.”

"What I really loved about LinkSquares was how easy it was to get started and its built-in automation. The ability to convert a full scanned document to text search was huge for us.

Kathryn Helin

Specifically, Pendo’s legal team needed a solution that could:

  • Integrate with DocuSign, software the company uses for contract execution
  • Provide better tagging options through automated tagging
  • Enable users to search terms or word groups across all files within seconds and find what one is looking for – even if the precise wording is unknown
  • Generate customized reports quickly
  • Give the small legal team time back to devote to more business-critical tasks and priorities

Pendo became familiar with LinkSquares while searching for a solution to check all of its boxes. “What I really loved about LinkSquares was how easy it was to get started and its built-in automation,” says Helin. Also appealing to Pendo were the full-text search reporting capabilities LinkSquares provides. “The ability to convert a full scanned document to text search was huge for us,” says Helin.

Another key benefit for Pendo has been LinkSquares’ integration with DocuSign, a software Pendo uses for contract executions. “Now once a contract is routed for signature, I automatically get a fully executed version in LinkSquares,” says Helin. “It’s great not to have to chase down or manually save files.

Using LinkSquares, Pendo has begun organizing contracts and files in a way that helps the team find what they need quickly. “Previously, we organized everything by date in static files, and it was not an efficient solution for finding the information we need, especially as we grow,” says Helin. “Now, using LinkSquares, we can search on customers and terms.” And the Pendo team is just getting started. “I’ve been able to work closely with the LinkSquares product team and give my feedback on what we need to make the most of LinkSquares ongoing,” says Helin. “It’s clear to me that LinkSquares is investing in what its customers need.”

“I’ve used some competitor solutions in the past, and this is the first tool I’ve seen that has a really flexible and efficient search process,” says Breanna Rigney, Contracts Manager at Pendo. “The capabilities LinkSquares provides are capabilities I’ve been told are possible, but that I didn’t really believe until I saw LinkSquares.”

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