Easily Tracks Contract Renewals and Expiration Dates
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New York, NY
Founded in 2000 Digital Remedy

Digital Remedy is an advertising technology and digital media solutions company that leads the tech-enabled marketspace. Digital Remedy empowers publishers, advertisers, and influencers to achieve the full potential of their digital assets through performance-based innovation, superior customer service, diverse strategic solution sets, and flawless execution.

Fun fact: Mike Seiman, CEO and Chairman of Digital Remedy, focuses on numerous philanthropic initiatives. Seiman sits on the boards of the H.E.S. (Hebrew Educational Society) and Children International, where he spearheaded the development of a community center in Guayaquil, Ecuador.


  • Lacked an efficient contract management system to track expiration dates and contract renewals.
  • Risked service disruption and the financial implications of missed contract expiration dates and auto-renewals.
  • Tracked expiration and auto-renewal dates manually, using reminders for each contract.
  • Lacked a well-functioning search function for its existing shared drive.
  • Lacked an efficient reporting method.


  • LinkSquares AI-powered analytics cloud platform replaced the need for multiple tools to run an in-house contract management system; LinkSquares is able to store, search, track and report on all the data that is important to the company.
  • LinkSquares’ automated reminders give Digital Remedy team members peace of mind and time to focus on more important tasks.
  • LinkSquares’ powerful reporting tool gives the Digital Remedy legal team the ability to pull reports on all contract renewals and expirations with the click of a button.
  • LinkSquares eliminates the risk of any service disruptions and financial implications stemming from missed contract auto-renewals and expiration dates.

The rapid pace of technological innovation – particularly through the evolution and adoption of cloud computing, machine learning, and automation – has fundamentally changed the way companies and individuals across industries reach clients and meet business needs. For marketing professionals, digital advertising presents both challenges and opportunities: Marketers can reach both broad and specific audiences across a myriad of digital channels, but the ever-evolving nature of the industry requires the creation of dynamic and thoughtful content and engagement strategies that are adaptable and fluid.

The team at Digital Remedy seeks to make successful technology-enabled marketing the new normal for stakeholders worldwide.

Digital Remedy is a digital media solutions company whose mission is to deliver performance-based innovation and maximize business potential for clients seeking to build comprehensive digital marketing strategies. The company’s solutions include: AdReady, a digital media execution partner for advertisers and publishers that provides customizable, turnkey services delivering cross-channel solutions designed to drive campaign performance; and Nibble, which develops unique content and engagement strategies for advertisers, publishers and social influencers. The Digital Remedy expertise and vetted knowledge in content production and performance allow the company to customize distribution strategies that engage users and grow audiences.

The company’s legal team processes, drafts, reviews, negotiates, manages, and tracks contracts with various clients, vendors, promoters, and publishers. Initially, the team’s system for managing contracts and tracking expiration and auto-renewal dates took advantage of both Dropbox and NetSuite – contracts were organized and saved in Dropbox while renewal reminders were manually programmed in NetSuite for each contract.

"LinkSquares provides Digital Remedy with an automated, robust, and highly searchable contract management system that makes tracking and reporting a simple process."

Patrick Hogan

“Proactively staying on top of contract auto-renewals and expirations is very important to us because improperly handled auto-renewals and expirations have financial and service disruption implications for the business,” says Patrick Hogan, Director of Legal Affairs at Digital Remedy. As the company continued to grow, the manual approach to tracking auto-renewal and expiration dates wasn’t cutting it, and the legal team experienced a few situations in which a renewal or expiration date was missed.

The Digital Remedy legal team decided that they wanted to remove the headache and costs associated with manual contract renewals and expiration date reminders by automating these processes. The team evaluated multiple contract management solutions and found that only LinkSquares had all of the functionality they needed. Furthermore, LinkSquares was cost-effective and provided Digital Remedy with a streamlined implementation; Digital Remedy had LinkSquares up and running and employees onboarded within 30 days.

Digital Remedy Office in New York, NY. Credit: Digital Remedy

For Hogan, LinkSquares’ reporting capabilities differentiated it from other platforms and providers. “The ability to automatically run reports on expiration dates and auto-renewals was the most important quality for us to find within a provider. LinkSquares’ reporting features stood out to us when evaluating contract management systems,” says Hogan.

LinkSquares’ AI-powered analytics contract management platform streamlined the Digital Remedy legal contract management processes and replaced the inefficient system it previously used. Using LinkSquares’ tagging function, the team automates auto-renewal and expiration date reminders by flagging specific contract dates within the system. Having the ability to automate these processes reduces the risk the company faces – such as service disruptions and financial consequences – from missing contract expiration and renewal dates. LinkSquares’ powerful reporting feature gives the Digital Remedy legal team the ability to instantly pull reports on relevant contract renewal and expiration dates with the click of a button. “We’re not wasting hours searching across individual contracts for specific renewal and expirations dates and then manually transferring that information to NetSuite one-by-one,” says Hogan. “LinkSquares has made life much easier for my team.”

“LinkSquares provides Digital Remedy with an automated, robust, and highly searchable contract management system that makes tracking and reporting a simple process,” says Hogan.

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