Meet the team behind LinkSquares.

LinkSquares has been helping unlock the full potential of in-house legal teams with purpose-built, AI-powered technology since 2015. With integrated contract lifecycle management and legal project management solutions, we’re now the go-to platform for all your legal tech needs.

Automate your project management workflows with AI-Suggested Subtasks

Your work doesn't stop at contracts, so your technology shouldn't either. Use AI to quickly build steps into your templated workflows in our legal project management tool, Prioritize.  

Tell the system what you need, for example “create a list to review marketing collateral" and AI will generate suggested steps you can incorporate in your Template.

Learn more about Prioritize

Automate your project management workflows with AI-Suggested Subtasks

Your work doesn't stop at contracts, so your technology shouldn't either. Use AI to quickly build steps into your templated workflows in our legal project management tool, Prioritize.  

Tell the system what you need, for example “create a list to review marketing collateral" and AI will generate suggested steps you can incorporate in your Template.

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Formatted text TEST

Secure contract storage test

Centralize your contracts in one place and secure them with granular permissions.

AI-powered contract analysis

Transform your contract repository into a searchable database where you can find answers to your contract questions, fast.

Data-driven decisions

Share AI-powered reports and dashboards with your entire team, bringing a new level of transparency to your contracts.

Perks and benefits

We prioritize our employees’ well-being. When it comes to the big life stuff, we’ve got you covered.

Parental leave

401K match

DEI&B Programs

Unlimited Vacation

Medical, dental & vision

Mental health benefits

Stock options

Hybrid & remote work

What makes Finalize different?

Finalize is seamlessly integrated with the leading contract management repository, LinkSquares Analyze, which has a proven track record in utilizing AI for post-signature contract analysis and management. Analyze can extract a wider range of data from contracts, enabling businesses to overcome unique business challenges.

Finalize allows legal teams to draft and edit contracts, and create tasks and approvals, all without ever leaving Microsoft Word, their preferred tool.

The Salesforce integration allows sales teams to remain in Salesforce for requesting, reviewing, or sending agreements, with robust support from our team.

Finalize is consistently ranked as one of the easiest-to-use tools on the CLM market. Finalize is powerful, but simple to use and brings a fast time-to-value, something which is highly valued by fast-growing organizations who are investing in CLM software. 

Finalize provides organizations the flexibility to “choose their own adventure” when it comes to an eSignature solution. Customers can choose to integrate with DocuSign, Adobe Sign, or they can choose to use the native eSignature solution provided by LinkSquares Sign. 

Finalize offers unlimited workflow options, allowing teams to create bespoke templates for their unique business case. 

All LinkSquares customers have access to unlimited tech support and a dedicated customer success manager, ensuring you get the most out of the tools.

Onboarding Services FAQ

Yes! LinkSquares will assign each customer a dedicated customer success team. They will work with you throughout onboarding to align on your short and long-term goals, serving as both project managers and best practice consultants.

LinkSquares never charges you for training. In fact, we love coming on-site to meet your team in person for hands-on training and Q&A!

We pride ourselves on being super responsive and answering tickets in a timely manner. You can expect a response within 48 hours.

LinkSquares Forrester report wave leader 2023 contract lifecycle managment

LinkSquares Prioritize is here!

Manage, track, and report on your work with a project management tool built for legal.

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Level up your contract management with centralization

Centralizing your contracts means immediate access to every one of your agreements and less time wasted chasing down documents stored across inboxes and desktops. Maximize this value by ensuring that your portfolio is kept fully up-to-date.

Share contracts across your team and organization with ease

Simply connect a specific folder in your preferred file sharing application to LinkSquares and any contract added to that folder will be automatically ingested into your LinkSquares Analyze repository.

Effortlessly access and stay up to date with your contracts

Non-LinkSquares users across your organization can quickly add contracts to your prescribed folder without leaving the applications they use daily. This helps ensure your portfolio is always up-to-date, driving more comprehensive analysis and stronger contract management.

Want to learn more about our integrations?

Check out this content.

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3 Benefits of CLM With a Salesforce Integration
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A Deep Dive Into the LinkSquares Finalize for Microsoft Word Integration
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How Legal Can Facilitate Sales Deals With a CLM and Salesforce Integration
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LinkSquares templates accelerate contracting and enforce compliance with healthcare regulations across 30 states for Dispatch Health
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LinkSquares' Salesforce integration empowers Commvault's sales team to self-service agreements and gain visibility
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LinkSquares allows the legal team of one at Playvox to meet the needs of the organization
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Comparison Quotes


“The email help desk works well, but sometimes it’s easier to just quickly speak to someone. I would like for more personalized support help without having to pay a premium for it.”



“When issues or questions do come up I feel confident that I can reach out to support or my CSM, and [they] will quickly receive the assistance I need.”



“I wish I could get same-day tech support. The information is useful, but it takes 24 hours or more to get a response.”



I like that the AI used by Linksquares will extract the auto renewal date and will send me reminders via email. This has saved me time from manually looking at the contracts.



“The help desk is also a little slow to respond.”



The ability to upload/OCR all of our contracts for quick search/retrieval has greatly enhanced the efficiency of our in-house Legal Department.”


Never mix up another deadline.

Get a high-level (we’re talking International Space Station-high) view of important dates across your entire contract portfolio. Our calendar view automatically shows you upcoming terminations and renewal dates so you never miss a deadline.

Save time with powerful integrations.

Our CLM Integrates with all your favorite tools, from Salesforce to DocuSign (and many more). Because letting teams work in their preferred tools saves time and keeps business moving.

A table in a dashboard showing agreements and their data breach clauses and notification terms

Crisis Management

Respond to crises faster with instant access to critical contract data while preventing future crises by drafting stronger contracts.

React Quickly

Keep your contract portfolio up to date.

Never lose a document. With our Amazon S3 integration, keep your contract repository current, all while working in the tools you use daily.

Amazon S3 Logo

Stop crises before they happen.

No need to hunt down a time machine to prevent future crises. Now, you can bake standardized language into your contracts using pre-approved templates and set up reports to monitor risk markers across your portfolio.

Explore LinkSquares

Select standard clauses from your contract repository to stop future crises before they start
 Pricing Tables Generate order forms in seconds

Fewer platforms means fewer headaches.

Eliminate the hassle of switching tools just to get a contract signed. Sign is built into LinkSquares, so you can draft, review, and send agreements out for signature from a single platform.

One platform to manage and track agreements


VideoData Protection and Management

Commvault reduces sales contract time-to-close by 50% with LinkSquares.

Watch the full case study here


Category Category

Cogito saves $50,000 per year by using LinkSquares to manage their contract analysis

Watch the full case study here

Finalize for Word Version Updates

Collaborate easily with the tools you love.

Sick of chasing down stakeholder approval? No need. You can automatically assign tasks for approval and keep everyone in the loop, all while letting teams work in their preferred tools like Word and Salesforce.


Prove legal’s impact. (Finally.)

Use robust metrics that you can’t get anywhere else to quantify your team’s impact on business outcomes with custom reports.

Our core values

Here’s what makes us tick:

All In

All for one and one for all. Whether it’s tight deadlines, a multi-team project, or just a pep talk, we’re here for each other’s successes.

Customer driven

Customers are the lifeblood of our business.
If they can dream it, we can make it happen.

Team first

One company, one team, one goal. When one of us succeeds, we all succeed.

Do what you say

…and mean it! We’ve built a culture that
trusts our employees to follow through
on their actions.

Manage all your priorities in one place

Get a birds-eye view of all the work on your team’s plate — from legal requests and contracts to long-term projects.

Keep projects moving

Access requests, documents, and approvals in one place to keep projects on track.

Secure your critical business data

Protect sensitive information with a tool for legal eyes only.

Press inquiries

For interview requests and media inquiries, please contact our press team at

General inquiries

For all other inquiries, please use

Corporate headquarters

LinkSquares, Inc.

60 State St., Suite 1200

Boston, MA 02109

(617) 681-8552

LinkSquares isn’t just a nice-to-have — it’s essential for your bottom line.

Achieve 352% ROI in 3 years

Recapture contract workload by 40%

Reduce risk by 75%

Centralized contract creation

Maintain a single source of truth for all your contract creation needs.

Streamline contract processes

Customized workflows

Create unlimited, flexible workflows through templates that empower self-service drafting.

Discover templates

Tools you love

Quickly and seamlessly access the power of Finalize without leaving Salesforce or Word.

See our integrations

Meet the team who powers our AI.

Gavril Bilev Headshot

Data Science

LinkSquares’ in-house data science team comprises both machine learning engineers and data scientists who work tirelessly to build and refine our language models so you can extract precise contract dates and terms.

Sara Rana Headshot

Audit Team

A dedicated audit team reviews Smart Value extractions throughout production to ensure we capture the correct information. This helps us monitor language deviations and prioritize updates to existing models to capture new patterns.

Michael Baltusavich headshot

Legal Engineering

Legal engineers, equipped with expertise in law and artificial intelligence, keep a vigilant eye on regulatory updates to identify crucial new contract terms that can be extracted from legal contracts.

Product Headshot


Our product team works throughout the entire development process to imprint the voice of the customer and bring LinkSquares AI to life through intuitive features across the whole platform.

Four phases of onboarding

Our onboarding experience will enable your business to operate more efficiently, reduce time spent on administrative tasks, and gain visibility into your legal obligations.

  • Kickoff call
  • Project alignment
  • Workflow assessment / File sharing
  • Admin training
  • Templates and agreement creation*
  • File analysis and upload**
  • Any additional feedback and training
  • Workflow sign-off*
  • Confirm all customizations**
4Go live
  • Go live call
  • Customer sign off

*Finalize only | **Analyze only

How to choose the right CLM solution

Even when you know you need CLM, choosing the right platform can be a daunting task. Here are three steps you can take to simplify the process.

1Map out your needs.

While many legal teams will require similar solutions, the best CLM for your organization will be identified as the result of planning. The key is to know your legal processes from front to back, and the best way to do this is to write down a list of every stop your contract makes from conception to execution.

Once you’ve visualized the process, you can identify where improvements can be made. Where are your pain points? Which steps in your pipeline are dragging on longer than they should be? How often do errors occur? These questions will bring the problem into focus and help you identify the solution.

2Narrow your focus.

Now that you have your contract processes mapped out, you can begin to prioritize specific solutions. No legal practice is perfect, and your team will probably have more than a couple of pain points that stand to benefit from a CLM solution. Instead of trying to fix everything all at once, focus on one or two areas that need the most attention. By identifying these one or two problem areas, you can approach contract lifecycle management vendors with a specific outcome and have an easier time deciding who can help.

3Ask questions.

When you’re finally prepared to approach CLM vendors and explore different solutions, it’s critical to ask the right questions. For example, how long will it take to integrate the platform, and what sort of training will your team need in order to navigate the interface? How secure is the network? How will data be hosted, shared, and accessed throughout your organization and between trusted partners? What renovations is the platform currently going through, and what changes should you expect to its functionality down the line?

More than anything, you want to understand the vendor’s services as clearly as possible, how it can be applied specifically to your processes, and what kind of support you can expect should any problems arise.

For more information on how to evaluate CLM solutions, check out this guide.

LinkSquares CLM


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See LinkSquares Prioritize in Action

See LinkSquares Prioritize in action.

Want to learn more?
  • Check out our product features.
  • Schedule a personal demo.
  • Request a pricing quote.

So, don’t get left behind. Get squared away.

Throw some time on our calendar, and meet the legal tech built just for you.

Executive Team

Vishal Sunak is founder and CEO of LinkSquares, the trusted legal technology partner for more than 1,000 in-house teams, including Wayfair, ProPharma, TIME, The Boston Celtics, and Commvault. LinkSquares’ market-leading, AI-powered contract lifecycle management and legal project management solutions surface business intelligence with speed, accuracy, and scale. Vishal is widely recognized as a thought leader in the legal technology space, where he has worked tirelessly to improve outcomes for legal teams, while elevating their visibility within the enterprise.

In 2021, Vishal was named an EY Entrepreneur Of The Year, one of the most competitive business awards for ambitious leaders who are building and sustaining successful, dynamic companies. Vishal was honored as one of Boston Business Journal’s 2022 40 Under 40, celebrating the Boston area’s young professionals who are achieving the most in their careers and giving back to the community. LinkSquares’ rapid growth ranks No. 18 in Massachusetts and No. 549 overall on the 2023 Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing companies, landing a top spot for the third year in a row. The company also ranked No. 100 on the 2022 Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ awards, recognizing the most innovative, fastest-growing technology companies in North America. Internationally, LinkSquares placed among the top ten percent on Financial Times’ 2023 ranking of The Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies. LinkSquares is recognized as a best place to work locally and nationally by Inc., Boston Business Journal, and more.

Outside of LinkSquares, Vishal mentors local Boston-based startup founders, plays covers and the blues on his guitar, and spends time adventuring with his wife and two young daughters.

Vishal has a B.S. in Engineering from Northeastern University and an M.S. from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

As chief business officer, Chris is responsible for managing strategic partnerships and corporate relationships across the company.

Chris is a serial entrepreneur who has built multiple companies from concept. He brings a unique perspective on how to build and take products to market, while developing strategic relationships across prospects, customers, and partners.

Chris graduated from Centre College and also studied at the University of London.

As CTO, Eric is responsible for providing the software that saves time and money for legal and finance teams around the world. He is an expert in building highly scalable, fault tolerant, and secure web experiences.

He gained experience in the software startup world almost twenty years ago, where he built products and learned from industry experts. Before joining LinkSquares, he was Backupify's second employee, and became an integral part of the company as it grew to 100+ employees before being acquired.

Eric is Scrum and AMA (American Management Association) certified.

Juliette is the chief marketing officer at LinkSquares, where she sets the company’s strategy for driving awareness and demand.

She’s a data-driven leader with an extensive track record of running marketing programs at high-growth technology companies, including HubSpot, Datto, and Talla. With a strong focus on understanding buyer needs, she designs campaigns focused on driving revenue and results. Juliette was recognized among The Software Report’s Top 50 Women Leaders in SaaS of 2022 honorees for her leadership and achievements.

Juliette holds a B.S. in Business Management from Boston University and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

As chief product officer, Andrew is responsible for defining the company roadmap. He is an expert in collecting feedback from external and internal stakeholders, and distilling that feedback into defined actionable items.

He is a previous founder and has extensive experience in conceptualizing, designing, and bringing new products to market.

Steve McKenzie is the chief revenue officer at LinkSquares, leveraging more than 20 years of experience in B2B software leadership. Steve oversees Sales, Customer Success, and Account Management, collaborating to develop and strengthen functional areas that exceed customer expectations. With a global purview, he is responsible for enhancing the customer experience at every stage of their LinkSquares journey.

Before joining LinkSquares, Steve served in senior leadership roles at Mimecast. Most recently as the global head of services, support and customer success. Prior to that he led; sales, marketing, public sector, and customer success teams in both the U.K. and the U.S.

Steve’s professional journey includes notable stints at InsightSquared, Salsify, co-founding BOO! Surprising Media Solutions, and being a member of Revenue Collective. He is an early angel investor and serves as a member of LinkSquares’ Board of Advisors.

Steve has an undergrad in Cost and Management Accounting from Cape Peninsula University of Technology and an MBA from the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business.

As chief legal officer, Tim oversees LinkSquares' legal posture and acts as a strategic advisor to the company’s management and corporate counsel customer base.

He previously spent seven years as General Counsel for DraftKings. At DraftKings, he scaled the legal function and managed the company’s legal posture throughout numerous financing and fundraising rounds, litigation, and regulatory actions, at both the state and federal level, including the high profile legal challenges the company faced in 2015 alongside the explosion in popularity of daily fantasy sports and strategic acquisitions. Prior to DraftKings, Tim was general counsel for Everest Gaming, a European-based online poker and casino operator, and was also a founder of a company in the cryptocurrency space.

Tim has a J.D. from the Walter F. George School of Law at Mercer University and a B.S. from Oakland University.

Luigi Testa is the chief financial officer at LinkSquares where he oversees the company’s finance and administrative functions.

In this role, he is responsible for helping scale the company and driving strategy. Luigi was named among Boston Business Journal’s 2023 CFO of the Year honorees for his strong performance and leadership. Prior to joining LinkSquares, he held strategic finance and corporate development roles at notable companies that include Building Engines, Rapid7 (public), Nanigans (acquired), and Acquia (acquired).

Luigi holds an MBA from Babson College and an undergraduate degree in Finance from Bentley University.

Dean Fiotto Avatar
"Being able to locate specific contract information and to draft agreements at the rate LinkSquares allows is huge. Our business moves quickly, and we have to be quick, too."

Dean Fiotto

Corporate Counsel, DraftKings
"LinkSquares is extremely simple and intuitive to work with. As a tech savvy attorney I'm able to set up nearly everything needed by my company without needing to rely on a dedicated IT resource."

Lance A., JD

Manager, Legal Operations
Dean Fiotto Avatar
"Being able to locate specific contract information and to draft agreements at the rate LinkSquares allows is huge. Our business moves quickly, and we have to be quick, too."

Dean Fiotto

Corporate Counsel, DraftKings
Melissa Fisher Avatar Image
"LinkSquares is a great fit for both early- and later-stage firms because it has everything you need, is easy to use for legal and non-legal folks alike, and can scale quickly for fast growing companies..."

Melissa Fisher

Vice President, Intellectual Property, ADARx
Alex Britton Avatar
"I can’t even explain how much easier my life is with large scale contract analysis in LinkSquares… it’s serving the role of a full-time employee; the seventh person on my team."

Alex Britton

Vice President General Counsel, Zywave
Danielle Sheer Headshot
"It’s a massive timesaver for everyone involved, and it’s also helping us create better contracts and serve as better partners to our sales team. I need my team to delight customers and close deals – not get buried alive by paperwork and process. With LinkSquares, we’re minimizing risk and optimizing revenue while reducing time to signature by 50%."

Danielle Sheer

CLO, Commvault
Danielle Sheer Headshot
"Prioritize offers a solution to do more faster, freeing up critical time for high-value, strategic initiatives. By automating and centralizing the manual and disparate task management processes, my team can serve the needs of the business better."

Danielle Sheer

CLO, Commvault
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What is the LinkSquares Cloud?

Nearly every part of the business relies on legal to drive decisions. However, most legal teams lack the modern tools and technology they need to help the business execute. Here's where we can help.

Marketecture - Finalize

Create, review, and approve new contracts all in one, easy-to-use tool that integrates with your current tech stack.

Learn more

Marketecture - Sign

An eSignature tool built into the LinkSquares Cloud so you can manage and track agreements in one place. Keep a pulse on what’s out for signature, from who needs to sign to who has the pen.

Learn more

Marketecture - Analyze

Keep your executed contracts organized and searchable in a single, automated repository. With AI-powered data extractions and customizable reports and dashboards, Analyze transforms your contract data into actionable insights.

Learn more

Marketecture - Prioritize

Centralize your team’s workload in a single dashboard. Collaborate with other business teams and create, manage, track, and report on tasks and initiatives.

Learn more

Marketecture - Unified Cloud Capabilities

Our unified cloud capabilities, including LinkSquares AI, reporting and dashboards, security, user notifications, our data model, and more, lay the foundation of all products in the platform.

How suite it is


Save hours of searching through multiple systems. Automatically centralize your contracts in one secure repository with intelligent tagging features that make searching through hundreds of documents simple.

Meet Analyze


Get agreements out the door faster. There’ll be no more drafting from scratch, toggling between tools, or version control nightmares.

Meet Finalize


Inundated with signature requests and worried you’re slowing down deals? Get an at-a-glance view of agreements that require your signature, so you can keep deals moving.

Meet Sign

Find what you need in a flash.

Stay on top of critical dates and tasks.

Event reminders notify you of important upcoming actions like renewals and terminations.

Get visibility into your active terms.

Governing Summaries groups related agreements together and summarizes their operative terms. Make decisions quickly knowing you are pulling up-to-date language.

Store and re-use standard contract language.

Save preferred clauses directly from your executed contracts to the Clause Library for faster drafting in Finalize.

Modifier Service Agreement document illustration

Artificial intelligence

The ultimate goal of CLM software is to empower legal teams to work more efficiently and effectively. Now, by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), CLM software can read and understand contracts – and automate tasks.

Modern automation also allows legal teams to communicate and collaborate more effectively, with the completion of one task automatically triggering the initiation of another. The right CLM suite streamlines chains of email attachments with contract drafts and approvals back and forth.

Rather than operating in silos, CLM software provides a centralized repository for all contracts stored, accessed, and shared throughout the organization. This is particularly helpful in today’s remote and hybrid workplace. If legal teams are going to thrive and survive in the modern era, they need the extra bandwidth that CLM software provides.

Creating a contract
  • Drafting a proposed contract
  • Editing a contract (also called redlining)
  • Finalizing a contract
Executing a contract
  • Signature
  • Counter-signature
Managing a contract
  • Storing an executed agreement
  • Extracting data from a contract to parse out obligations, opportunities, and risks
  • Pushing extracted contract data into another system

De-risk your third-party agreements.

LinkSquares allows you to search and categorize every agreement—including non-standard clauses often found in third-party agreements— in your repository, so you can identify the risks and liabilities in every deal.

Screenshot of LinkSquares Analyze