Common Use Cases

For companies considering using LinkSquares technology there are several practical “use cases” to consider. These cases can differ depending on things like: industry vertical (security vs. healthcare), or even company structure (in-house legal team vs. finance team only).

Review the most common use cases and see which one fits for your industry, company and team!

Crisis Management:

Many situations can arise where, during an emergency, a company needs to know key customer information in a very short period of time. Companies have combined LinkSquares into their incident response plans and notification procedures for events like:

  • Security or data breach
  • Data loss event
  • Other customer data risks

Quarterly Reporting:

Companies are already tracking key metrics like renewals and other types of revenue recognition each month, but with LinkSquares they cut the report generating time by 60%. The reports are automated and ready to pull for:

  • Revenue recognition issues
  • Renewal rates and values
  • Company KPI tracking

Internal Legal Projects:

There are many projects that come up internally with finance and legal teams where there is an internal review of customer agreements. This can be a single term of a specific agreement, or a review of a specific clause across all agreements. Some projects we’ve seen across companies involve:

  • Review of 3rd party contracts
  • Customer auto-renewals and renewal dates
  • Data protection clause review

Fundraising and M&A Diligence:

When companies are going through fundraising and M&A diligence, LinkSquares can help those corporate development or legal teams review a whole database of contracts in short notice and pull saved reports for:

  • Net payment terms review
  • Assignment and control clause assessment
  • Company accounting and payment reviews
  • Any litigation or patent claims

How Each Department Can Use LinkSquares


Track and review any key terms in a purchase. Contract length, payment terms, and other important information for bookkeeping. Keep an eye on hidden costs buried in contract language.


Review previous customer agreements to understand best practice in key customer negotiations. Help Sales Ops team members be more efficient with data entry and tracking.


Identify any compliance issues in contracts and report to other executive teammembers in a timely, efficient manner.Keep your seat at the executive tableby providing key contract statistics andinsights. Reduce time and money spentwith outside counsel.


Find renewal terms and other customer obligations without having to involve legal and finance members. Improved incident response by finding any notification details in agreements in a matter of minutes.

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