Does Months of Work in Hours
Cloud Backup and Recovery
Global HQ - Boston, MA
Founded in 2005 Carbonite

Carbonite is a robust Data Protection Platform for businesses. Headquartered in Boston the Carbonite Data Protection Platform supports any size business, in locations around the world with secure and scalable global cloud infrastructure.

Fun fact: Danielle Sheer, founding legal team member at Carbonite, loved LinkSquares so much she joined the LinkSquares Advisory Board.


  • Diligence projects took 100+ hours per project and usually required the costly assistance of outside counsel.
  • Merger and acquisition deals come with thousands of documents of varying types and titles, each of which took hundreds of hours to search and organize manually.


  • LinkSquares allows you to search global terms and keywords, across thousands of pdfs within seconds and reporting is equally as easy.
  • LinkSquares stores all your documents in a centralized repository that can be organized in the way that makes sense for your organization.

Founded in 2005, Carbonite began as the answer to the question many homes and small businesses were asking: “Why can’t there be an easy and affordable way to backup files online?” Carbonite now protects data for more than 1.5 million customers and organizations.

LinkSquares has saved us time and money, and enabled us to respond faster to business requirements. The LinkSquares proprietary technology provides for a more efficient and accurate way to make our data useful to us. There's simply no other solution like it!

Danielle Sheer

With the acquisition of EVault in 2016 and Double-Take Software in 2017, Carbonite had thousands of new contracts and documents to add to understand and incorporate. It would take, Danielle Sheer, founding in-house counsel at Carbonite and her team 100+ hours to manually do diligence projects and would often require the costly assistance of outside counsel to complete on time. Danielle knew they needed a secure, centralized solution, that would allow her team to upload, organize and search new documents quickly and easily.

LinkSquares AI-powered contract management cloud was the perfect solution for Carbonite because the encrypted, centralized repository allows their legal team to upload and organize large numbers of contracts quickly and efficiently. The biggest game-changer is LinkSquares’ global search feature, which is so powerful the Carbonite legal team can now do a month’s worth of work within hours.

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